Sunday 6/11/2006 10:28:00 PM

Together people are so delicate. Like flower petals between questioning fingers. No maybe's left.

Apart we are strong. Or that which we imagine strength must look like. Anchors on the ocean floor keeping giants at rest.

Patterns. There they are navigating from below my skin. Taking it away and bringing it back again in a futile loop.

Together we touch. Pretending to feel. Something other than our own holes being filled. One breath of life amongst a thousand chokes. Snakes with impotent fangs trying to relive the kill.

When all the venom is gone there's nothing left to do except let ourselves live again.

Pierce the fruit.

ozymandiaz said...

Oh despair.
Whither the touch as the leaf to the ground
Succumb to time and inevitablility
the circles we walk

TagSmith said...

delicate giants
           feel holes

a thousand
touch my fruit

alcoholic poet said...

cool stuff. both.

andré said...

I really like this piece. Very well written, and poignaint.

alcoholic poet said...

thanx andre.

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