Wednesday 5/17/2006 10:56:00 PM

The stubborn. Contradictory illusions collide to form this truth I abide. Time. Gushes hours like semen. Sticky and ultimately useless in my world. No conception. Haggard lies reinventing my desires. No birth. Crippled dreams spilling from gaping holes.

Turn the dial. It's so easy. You're not my channel anymore. I know you. In the way I know everyone I can't remember. Stalled cigarette on its way to oblivion.

The other. Everywhere it grows. Weeds in the garden suffocating the seeds I'd planted. The denial. A love disfiguring. The pliers awash in my fingerprints.

So much I never asked to know. No questions.

It would be easy to care, but I don't think I will.

The tiger doesn't need its stripes. They need him. Cold patchwork trailing out from blood to clothes. Chase the look. Know the destination should it let.

Too much I long ago decided wasn't worth my knowing.

And now you offer it.

But are consistent. Still no need to ask.

Is the cloud grey. Is it blue. Is it about to rain again or has it been emptied.

All your windows are mirrors. You think you're looking out, but only see yourself.

Salient strangers all clad in friends' clothing.


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