Wednesday 4/26/2006 10:02:00 PM

Deception suits him. Incredibly well. It's his tuxedo and his bow tie.

Forgiveness is my gown. And my panty hose.

But I'm naked now. Have been ever since.

Kindness was my cape. My emblem. Until I met him.

Sometimes friendship is a rubberband. If you let them they'll stretch it until it snaps.

No ends. Only changes. As those volcanoes spit out the last of their lava. So much damage. Why must I survive.

Crossing. Like roads do. Making intersections lacking stop signs. And on those streets go long after. Alone again. Chasing thankless horizons.

You got the cake, but the icing is mine.

Still, I'll always remember you as feeble. Not vicious.

With a heavy question mark on you shoulder and stalled words on your lips. Whomever you are, I'd like someday to meet him.

Should he ever decide to open those traps he's set.


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