Thursday 2/02/2006 10:36:00 PM

So I waited.

For the variable to stabilize. As we kept those place holders in our hearts. Waiting for numbers to resolve.

So I waited. Because that is what it seemed to ask.

Take me slowly. Don't swallow. Savor the feel and the taste of it. Cold and hopeless crossing your lips. Hot and spicy as it trims your tongue. Smooth and putrid while it slaloms your esophagus. Tomorrow will thank us when we still have some left.

So I waited.

Intent on knowing every possible. As vague as life is, it was so clear then. Every number counting upward ad infinitum. Like a record at its finish. The needle echoing between the beginning and the end of the end.

The sound waiting to return to the music.

So I waited. Until the waiting had become.

Everything now weighing so much less than it once did.


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