Friday 12/16/2005 11:49:00 PM

Not among friends. Not among anyone. It all went wrong. Everything I touched. Til only pieces were left to pick up. Sharp slivers that sneak under tender skin. And are so hard to coax back out again.

It all went wrong. Maybe it always has been. And it's just now that I'm noticing.

Not among friends. Nor enemies. All strangers. Blank faces gazing passed this ghost's muted screams.

It all went wrong. It must always have been.

This broken cure leaves me so the same. This callous antidote no longer saves. Now it only prolongs the inevitable.

Halting death a breath at a time. But it comes still. Slow and determined. It comes regardless.

It was always here.

From the moment I came to exist. It all went wrong. It always has been.

Because I make it so.


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