Monday 10/24/2005 11:49:00 PM

I wonder sometimes why everyone doesn't drink, a lot. Isn't everyone miserable? What is there to be happy about? You got married. You had a baby. Well, good for you. Cuz not everyone can do that. Oh, wait they can.

I mean, is that the sum total of the human existence? Couple, mated, raise offspring. That's sad.

Or for those who don't want children. Couple, live unahppily ever after. Ten, twenty, thirty years later, stuck with eachother because now it's too late to find anyone better.

The only other choice, alone. Alone like you're so very different from all those wives, all those husbands, all those lovers. As if they're not just as alone. Who's in denial now?

As if life is every good once your childhood is over. Maybe for a rare few. All the rest, I don't know how or why they do it.

Even if i could perchance learn to love myself, I'd still hate the world. With it's self-righteous mentaility. And escpecially the United States government with it's money grubbing tactics and self-serving agendas.

I hate myself first, The United States second and the rest of the world last. Cause we all suck. We're all useless except to serve ourselves. We're all just leaches sucking like from someone's neck.

I sincerely hope the world goes on after I'm dead. So that it should suffer long and slow lacking everything it once took for granted. I feel sorry for the children, but I reveil in the guilt of the parents who wrought them.

Alcohol will surely destroy my liver, but it won't destroy the plaent.

Alcohol will only keep me sparse company when I'm alone, but it won't care when the gas runs out nor when there's famine.

I don't think I'm wrong. But I don't think the rest of you are right either.

What I'm trying to say is the world sucks. It's full of people. So many people I could do without.

All your morals. All your religion. I'd trade it all away for a few more beers. And be glad you're gone.

And when the world finally eneded I'd laugh when you realized there is no god, no heaven.

Cuz heaven exists right here in this bottle. These untaxed cigarettes. And hell is. Hell is everywhere else.


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