Monday 11/06/2017 11:39:00 PM

no turns. only the choke of the path. the hungry soil swallowing our footsteps.

no tomorrow. only the past. louder still with every scrape.

ambivalent predators. tangled in the scent of the hunt.

frailty tallies its jejune epiphanies. while the meat rots. and the bullets stale.

far pretends to measure. close threatens to betray. insisted by our grief. we begin to negotiate with failure.

the gentle thieves administer their bandages. the rest lap at the blood.

the lies leave us limping. the truth forces us crawl.

we're the obvious monsters and we're the subtle ones. the pace of our oblivion uninterrupted.

Adding a link to open mic night at dverse to further the community.

hyperCRYPTICal said...

Dark magnificent words.
Your close tells the truth.
Anna :o]

brudberg said...

I feel that the path like this is a shared one we all walk.... lonely in a crowd

softermaniac said...

thank you both. your input is appreciated.

Grace said...

The dark turns and emotional depth are beautifully rendered ~

Thanks for sharing at dVerse ~

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