Sunday 10/05/2008 01:06:00 AM

I was in the sky. Arguing with the alien. The alien. Too mundane to love. I was staring at the wall where I used to plug in the phone. Remembering how it sounded. Confirming I had muted it.

She always carried her eyeballs in her hands. nickels and dimes. Paying the bus driver in milton's and dante's. Saving her shakepeare's for a longer trip.

Going as she was always far from here. In cold beers. Long conversations with men. Tentative Judas on his choice of rope.

The atom failing to predict. The course of its electrons. The smallest things. Asserting their dominance.

In the frailest regions of men.

Barlinnie said...

People on my blog are still asking me about who you are, and where can they buy your book. It's over to you.

Beaman said...

I find your poetry fascinating. Quite a unique style. I'll be back to read much more!

By the way, I have a weekly poetry prompt on my site, you're very welcome to join in.

softermaniac said...

you'll be the first to know when the book will be out. after i'm dead i imagine is a good estimate.

thanks for the invite beaman. will certainly check it out. think about it. likely runaway scared.

Dr. Jay SW said...

How many Miltons in a Shakespeare? How many Blakes in a Milton?

You'd think Jesus could've given Judas advice on rope. He was a carpenter, after all.....

RuKsaK said...

have you gone away too?

softermaniac said...

i'm still here ruk. good to hear from you again.

you ever coming back?

RuKsaK said...

thinking very seriously about coming back. could happen soon. i have built the old site back and put in a tiny post. we'll see.

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