Thursday 3/27/2008 12:06:00 AM

A leak in the pillow suffocates his stare. We both die traversing the desert between us. Sere skin poisoned by too much sunlight.

All the things meant to keep us alive killing us.

Chasing the vortex. Tiny lions trying to roar. Assembling the universe in sloppy stitches and matted hairs. Lies I've yet to tell to people I still don't know. The black hole of together draws us closer. Tears us apart. We are nothing. Not each other. Nor ourselves. Just pieces constantly coming together and falling apart.

Staring at the mediocrity principle apparent in his empty socks. Explaining to herself why it should matter. Admitting that it never has.

Small universe. Big lies.

The dog's still wagging his missing tail.

I was his wormhole. Packages of future in bundles of past. All wrapped in pretty bows and willing to pretend none of this is real.

Sionara kittens in the backseats of loose fit pants. So many claws. So few scratches.

orgasmik said...

Are all your writings based on your inner realities. you know what i mean....the sufferings and all that!!
Do you write in order not to die??
I know that my questions are so less tactful and direct. It is because most of the things you write is so disturbing.
And there's this constant flow of self flagellating words.
At the same time
a consciousness of those emotions i ignore from my 'more or less safe', naive world,pops out....
i read you works, partly from amazements ;and partly from my world 'maybe less wounded' than yours.
Anyway, it takes more than imaginations to be where you have been travelling.
Your writings makes me thoughtful....through you i explore my own collective consciousness.
I want you to know that you are close to me than you might want to believe.

ap said...

i'm just very self-inspection and time travel. it makes for a weird combo.

definitely do not write in order not to die. quite the opposite.

it's really just about exploring possibilities in my head and how they relate to other people and other realities. searching for truths that aren't there to find.

it's wonderful you feel such a closeness to what i've put out there. enriching someone else is a great result for my efforts.

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