Thursday 2/28/2008 12:59:00 AM

Take your spasms away with you in tiny tears. Loose fit skin that sells for much more than cost. The sleepwalk is the best I can do. Lies untold. Unexpected. And therefore not cruel. Ghost never buried. Let the dead free to scold us. The rulers down our backs keep us staring at the empty blackboard. Chalk dust writes its eulogies. We attempt to measure moments, But they're too small to count. Fingertips at the ready to taste the freedom time has absolved.

Chosen. By design. Broken crayons still try to color in the empty outlines.

This pale solution to such vivid nightmares. Is just to wake up.

Turn off the demons like light switches. Let the darkness decide.

Where I am.

Craftsman of light said...

"Turn of the demons like switch lights...let the darkness decide"
i really like it!!so powerfully said.
The more i read the more i get drunk with your words...even though they don't make me feel healthy at times, they still appeal to me in some other ways.
i like the things that you say because thay choke the life out of death.
I feel close to you in way ...the part of me i have'nt met yet.
Or like you said , i might only acknowlege it without the need to get skinned or troubled .
Maybe i like what you say- because your not afraid of words; atleast thats the way i feel you'd want to portray it.
May be i'm wrong.
The detached ; cold; indifferent approach.... only betray your sensitivity.
once again i maybe wrong!

Anyway; whenever i come in -i'd like you to know that i was a shadow or maybe like one of your ghosts..except that i consider that i'm much less toxic than you might think...if at all you do!

Thankyou for you daily fix of words.

softermaniac said...

thank you for being so into it and making the effort to express yourself to me. it means quite a lot.

i'd say you're correct about my detachment. i write about the past. things that once hurt, but don't anymore. i often feel like a scientist observing my former selves. the feelings are real, but not in the present tense.

did i give the impression i thought you were toxic? i really hadn't formed an opinion about you at all. i couldn't as i don't really know you.

bmaug said...

Strange I feel connected to alot of what I'm (still) readinig through on your site.

Maybe its the Note-To-Self style that comes across..
Maybe I'm just drawn to the name "alcoholic poet", as I've breached many a Jack Daniel's theme.

Keep up the great work. You have so much to read through.

softermaniac said...

note to self style - what a great way of describing it.

alcoholic poet seems such a mundane moniker when i think about, but it imparts enough nuances that i don't care.

thanks for reading/letting me know.

sorry i write so much. such is my disease.

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