Thursday 7/12/2007 12:58:00 AM

When I dream I'm never myself. Always a wave. A cloud. Or a mountain. Something immensely tall. Or high. Or strong. Something that has eons to solve its problems.

When I dream I'm never myself. Because what would be the purpose in that. I have to know everything I'm not before I can be certain of what I am.

I'll find out. Brick by brick. Comb by comb. As the hairs fall out of the doll's head. Eventually we'll see what she's thinking. As the clothes get dirty and the shoes grow old. We'll discover her weaknesses. We'll pull out her plastic tongue and find the words still glued to it.

I'll dream and see her dirty dresses in the yawns on the floor. Its wide mouth in a checkmate with its narrow heart.

Entropy. The science of loss. Confusing people for mice. Lives for mazes.

Entropy. The science of little stitches keeping big wounds closed.

Brian said...

Just a random thought while I was visiting, reading today - i am always amazed at the titles of your poems. They often grab me and force me to read. I'm impressed every visit.

Anonymous said...

Like, Brian, as you know, I am also always impressed. I really can't think of anything more to say than that. I read all your poems and love them all. Bind them, sell them, people'll buy them.

this is RuKsaK by the way.

Jeff said...

What is it that particularly works about this one? All that can be said about your poems is that it is hard to know what to say.

poet mutiso said...

This poem reminds me so much of that poem you wrote GENESIS.

You are like shakespeare on steroids or nasgas.
I can never handle being like you, it could kill me.

much love.

alcoholic poet said...

brian - nice to know. i am not good at titles. but indeed tjey are important. nice to know you are pulled in that way.

hey ruk! when're you going to get into the rhythm again? it's a travestry your absense from the worded form.

jeff, i appreciate your critism and take it as a note. to temper metaphor with clarity. well, i'll make an effort anyway. can't promise i'll succeeed.

but i do know i can be over the top sometimes. and it's a compliment when someone notices i'm trying too hard.

mutiso: drugs are the catalyst for creativity. it's sad, but true. i couldn't live writing long, coherent sentences. so i guess it all worked out okay. for both of us. relatively speaking.

i really do appreciate everyone's input. human interaction isn't my strongsuit. just ask some of the people i've had sex with.

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