Wednesday 1/17/2007 12:17:00 AM

A dozen tip toes into the strut his heels touched the floor again. I smiled at his failure and offered him a drink.

These were the flat tires we'd race on. The brakes we never checked. Because taking life for granted is the only thing that ever results in it seeming impressive. These were the lessons I'd taught myself on so many walks alone. Head down. Hands deep in pants pockets grabbing at nothing. This was the karma I'd designed. Abuse breeds humility. Neglect fortifies connections.

People will hurt you. That is how you know you love them.

People will hurt you.

And you will hurt them.

Nothingman said...

I keep coming back hoping someday I'd understand more than two lines of your poems....
This one I like the part...people will hurt you and you will hurt them back!

alcoholic poet said...

maybe you understand it on a subconscious level?

i do tend to be quite cryptic.

Miao said...

We hurt each other maybe because our love is so great and profound, it is unbearable. You hurt me, and so I hurt you back. Then we are equal, bonded by an understanding. It brings us together and yet breaks us apart; it is beautiful, and it is tragic.


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