Friday 1/12/2007 12:22:00 AM

Sometimes she goes out of her way to give me a compliment. As if there's some bruise on my forehead that suggests. However subtle. That I feel less than adequate.

Sometimes she's a glue. Sometimes she's a solvent. Just as likely to create a bond as she is to destroy one. Small time tanning salons at the back of our throats constantly making rag dolls out of ghosts.

While the eyelashes on the light draw pin stripes along the staircase. Toadstools blossoming in the corners of my footsteps. While I sneak, all too noticed another pitbull into my tired head.

There is a formula I'm sure. To calculate. The distance between the first kiss and the last one. Taking into account Probable Dementias. And all the people between who make them feel that much farther apart.

RuKsaK said...

'the back of our throats constantly making rag dolls out of ghosts.'
Now, I'm going to be straight with you here. I'm not saying I love all your lines, but I don't dislike any of them. However, when you spill/drop/produce/create a line like this one it's awe-inspiring. It really is.

I'll be honest with you again. Sometimes, for my taste, the poetry is a little too esoteric, a wee tad too metaphorical (this is why I can't write poetry by the way). Again, all of that is forgiven (again I label my tastes here rather than your abilities) as soon as you give me a line like that one.

That line is so pristine and unique. Entirely crafted by you, whether it took a milli-second or a year to come up with matters not. That line belongs to you - of course the reader will do with it what they wish, but to have a line which moves someone to ramble on in a comment like I am is really something - I believe.
Commenting is a wierd thing in those 'blogginess', but in your case there is no ulterior motive - it is simply a pleasure to say how good your writing is.

De.vile said...

Why do you live so long in the pauses? Though its nice, it sometimes leaves me astounded.

Miao said...

I like De.Vile's question. Why do you live so long in the pauses?

With Hammer And Tong...The LetterShaper said...

Really nice stuff here...a pleasure to read through.

alcoholic poet said...

i just love it when you visit ruk. and am glad you don't like everything. that would be indicative of insincerity. if you only loved just that one line and nothing more out of all of these many, many pages that would still be more than enough.

de.vile and miao: i'm not sure i understand the question 100%. are you referring to the literal pauses that are in the actual text or the figurative pauses that it reflects of my life?

if the first, that's just how i write presently. though i haven't always and it may change at any time.

if the latter, that is just a manifestation of how i view life, people and relations. always an observer even when i am a participant. the closer soemthing is to my heart the more distantly i perceive it.

hammer and tong: thanx for stopping by and leaving a note. always interesting to hear from someone new.

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