Thursday 12/28/2006 12:41:00 AM

The rain fell hostile and malevolent. upon the metal outside her window. The moon hissed softly and dark against the threat of her salient breath. Too willing to stop.

Thoughts bustled in shopping trips. So timely. Thoughts wore bows big and bright. As gifts pretended to give.

Little girls in sun stained skin and pleated dresses arguing their right to catch the football. With both hands.

I wish I could be as young as I was then. Finding father's less than adequate sums. Stronger as a child.

Superbly sure of everything that mattered. Were matter as simple as it was then.

extraspecialbitter said...

fatherhood is the essence of matter, childhood very much the opposite. God, I need a drink.

RuKsaK said...

everything seems amplified in your recent poems. It's like I hear every line being tapped in - every movement in the poems gives me super hearing.

alcoholic poet said...

esb: interesting thought. cheers! enjoy your drink.

ruk: my keyboard is rather loud. sorry about the noise.

but seriously, i was wondering if anyone would notice it. lately i am actually sorta depressed instead of just recalling past depressions. so, thanx for noticing the change.

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