Saturday 12/02/2006 11:40:00 PM

Previously on real life... things turned ugly when Jim ate Dolly's last remaining Milky Way. Leaving her caramel thighs dangerously unsheathed. Double blades slicing as she stomped her way to the post office. To wait in line for things she wishes she didn't need.

They took her pennies. They weighed her stare. Affixing the appropriate sticker to the package she had just then realized was hers. Loose t-shirts had found their way to her shoulders. Thick denim had built itself around her ass. There were never enough mirrors. To see all of herself.

She measured the steps from the exit to her driver's seat. In small breaths. She paused to let the narrator speak. His obvious wisdoms. She'd always assumed her life was a fortune cookie.

That she'd know nothing of herself until she'd been broken.

On the next episode of real life... expired deli meats and the men who call them lunch.

Adam said...

This piece has a different tone than the past few. Why the shift? It caught me.

RuKsaK said...

I thought it was pretty disturbing - it unsettled me and not sure I should say how. hope that makes sense

alcoholic poet said...

am not really sure where this particular piece came from exactly. it just hit me all of a sudden and spilled out very rapidly.

i agree, it does have a disturbing aura about it that i can't really pin down.

am interested, ruk, if you don't mind saying, in further detail how it unsettled you.

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