Monday 12/11/2006 11:45:00 PM

She was in the middle of nowhere in that traffic jam. The city just mountain tops broken by clouds. The cars just dragons learning how to fly. There was music in every sense of the word. Throbbing in the sweat of red lights about to change. Sobbing in the empty seat that always sat under her elbow.

She was touching the edge every time she had to blink. Lonely roads perspiring in her thoughts until the stink woke her up. Smeared on the canvas. Fractured bumpers. Howling sirens. The moments dry fast. Harder than I am. Or ever want to be. The moments happen. In distant Hiroshimas. Closer than I care to admit. In wars that pretend someone's right. And battles that don't know who belongs to them.

She was trying to figure out where she was going. While a thousand green lights came and went. But no one was moving. She was admiring the riddle of her cellphone. How she took it everywhere, but had yet to use it. For anything other than proving it didn't matter what buttons she pressed.

There was tomorrow she'd always been told, but she had never found it. And therefore assuemd she never would.

When she finally gets home and all the city is dark she knows. She's no stranger to it.

emeralda said...

i guess i should just read it again. and again.

it's as if i remembered a dream and you wrote it but i still chase it

Chia said...

What a beautiful writings you have on your blog.
I am amazed !

Kind regards from The Netherlands.

adam said...

The red lights flicker
slowly in the distance
guarding battle grounds hidden
beneath city lights
where strangers wrapped
in sheets distill passion.

through the atomic clouds
above the dominoed skyline
the mountain tops flicker
and everything waits
for winds of love to blow
them out

I enjoy writing back to you. Your words are strong and they make me want to share with you. Thanks for listening. Thanks for writing.

alcoholic poet said...

emeralda - nice way to put it. nice to know it struck a chord with you.

chia - thanx. hmmm... the netherlands, i envy you.

adam - your poetic comments are always interesting to read. you should start your own site for them where you are the main character. i enjoy your posts, but you should not be confined to comments. you ought to have your own space.

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