Thursday 12/14/2006 11:50:00 PM

He had
chronic ethusiasm

He was
so sure

About everything
except us

We were
so high

That it
hurt to look down

See ourselves there

Ready to resume
the lives we

had abandoned

I listened only
long enough

to hear him say
we were over.

adam said...

He was
so high he
couldn't quit
drawing her face
in the white screen.

She kept speaking
pricking like toenail
clippers on dead

He was
so high he
couldn't tell
if it was the clippers
or her words
that made him bleed.

De.vile said...

Doesnt seem so bad, at least you looked down before he pulled you there.

jason evans said...

Altitude is a common problem in relationships, isn't it? Too bad we don't have air traffic controllers in love affairs. Only their jobs would be to crash the planes into each other.

alcoholic poet said...

adam - it's flattering to know i inspire you.

de.vile - i never said it was bad. but if i implied that it was unintentional.

jason - brilliant idea. i'll assume you're already begun working on a prototype.

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