Tuesday 11/07/2006 11:47:00 PM

The last things I said to you, I don't really remember what they were. But now I don't know where you are. Where the candy house was bitten. Where the popcorn becomes a trail.

The last time I had an epiphany I was drunk. Stumbling to explain the colors hopelessness impales. Find some congruity I thought they had with what I was. Tripping on the edge of the rug as it anticipated our sweep.

Challenging the sheets to rediscover the pleasures I'd misplaced. In thumbnails bitten to close to the skin. It scratches. Like winter's wind on dead leaves.

Happiness has as many vices as sorrow.

You tell me I can and I will. Go to that extent. Plant the ace in my enemy's pocket.

To lose the this war. To save the cause of it.

Eyeing the mountain. Counting the rungs on the ladder that got me this high.

RuKsaK said...

Every line is a gem - really. Possibly too many gems for me, but what would I know - I do prose.

You certainly rattle these out at some speed as well. It's good to see someone come up with sriting this thoughtful at such a rate.

I'd be interested to see some prose you written, but then you wouldn't be alcoholic 'poet', would you? Anyway, one thing I do know is that more people should be reading this stuff - it deserves that at the very, very least.

alcoholic poet said...

thanx ruk. you're too generous with your praise. really.

gosh. i do churn this stuff out at an obscene rate. it's just another addiction. out of my control for the most part.

if you go back to the beginning of the blog (oct, now 05) i do believe it's mostly traditional prose. typical journal style entries. i'm not particularly fond of them, but they did seem to interest people more and illicit more comments.

oh well.

maybe we can promote each other. with a post directing visitors to check out the other's blog. yea, i think i'll do that.

thanx for reading.

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