Sunday 11/12/2006 03:11:00 AM

I posed him. He posed me. Toothpicks at every joint. The morning in our throats as the night filled our skin. There'd be time enough to grieve after.

I counted the footsteps from lamp to door. Drawing the exit in my memory. By both length and width. Two dimensions more than enough to calculate how far.

I filled in the spaces. According to the flow of the pauses. Reverse-engineering every word to fit the situation. There was no changing what had happened. Only manipulating how I would percevie it.

Counting the rotations. As the tires spun beneath us. Taking us there. And leading us away from.

The color of gravity fading softly into the murmurs of the dust. As it settled quietly on rusting railings just outside doors not marked.

But still showing clearly where the names had once been.

RuKsaK said...

I left the comment I've pasted below on a post you wrote and was curious about your response. Here it is again:
RuKsaK said...
A lot of your poems seem to have beds or lying down featured in them. I like how you said 'we would lay there. Trumped by the limits of our endurance.' I'm not sure you know how good that is. Seriously - that has more depth to it than anything I've read recently and I mean it.

Have you read 'More than cool reason: a field guide to poetic metaphor' :

I recommend it hugely - it's fairly heavy, but quite mind-blowing and plays a very frequent influence in what I write.

My god! I must be gushing because I almost never talk about my influences - I find it so pretentious to do so.

So, I'll shuffle off now.

alcoholic poet said...

actually, yesterday i did write a big long reply to this comment on the other post. then i hit publish and closed the tab. only to realize a few seconds later it had not published the reply.

exasperated i moved onto something else.

let me see if i can remember the gist of what i'd writen...

yea, i know i have a lot of bed stuff lately. before that it was skin/flesh. minor obessessions. not good to be so redundant i know. and am working on it.

i have not read that book. but do consider your reccomendation of it very important. if it has helped you to write the way you do it has to be a great piece of work. i do love the way you word things. although on some levels a book like that worries me, that it'll taint my inate creative abilities. will surely check it out though.

and i think i finished up by noting that i am very much looking forward to part 2 of infinity.

always a pleasure Ruk.

Gwen said...

An invitation to come and add your site to the Top100 Sober Blogs....

Thanks for sharing your poetry.

Gwen R. ~

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