Saturday 7/08/2006 11:34:00 PM

We spent nine hours in the dark. (sort of) Twenty-four hours later we had light, but were otherwise cut off from the world. (for the most part) And it was all because of the mayonnaise. (it couldn't expire)

It had never been opened.

It's always been that the lights go out more than they come on. That wherever we go we make it so. Walking, talking power surges. Living, breathing blackouts.

While all around us the lights stay on. The living rages. In hacking coughs.

And we're the only ones without any symptoms, but I can feel the infection there in my thoughts. Breathing loudly as I try to remember what I wanted to say to them.

But I always forget.

And tell them it was nothing.

Because really it is.


Just one more hour added to the darkness. While we wait for the lights to find their way back on.

Trivial Pursuit with flashlights. Little pies made of plastic. And questions we can safely answer.

So long as it's dark.


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