Monday 7/24/2006 12:38:00 AM

Words not weighed by, but weighted with. There I go being talentless again. Dredging the meat through the shallows of the bed. Scolding the pan.

Determining the density of thought by the balance in action. Wearing stolen bow ties with my rented tuxedos. Focusing on what has a price. The things I can safely lament. Now that I know I could've had them. Roosters with eggs too gold. Counting the carets of their broken shells.

I made this. And now it is making me.

Older than I am. More glass than tin.

I could sleep all day and still wake up tired. Because every time I close my eyes they're still looking for something.

But it's not there.

You'll say I'm a pessimist. That might be true. But it doesn't make you right. Nor me wrong.

It just showcases how hard it is to know someone.

The closest we can get is still a lifetime away from understanding.

What we want from them.


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