Tuesday 7/04/2006 11:44:00 PM

Tell me how it was in electric voices. Stereo massage. That feeling of your eyes under my skin. Layer upon layer in fast forward. Bird without wings. Our faith belonging to what we were assigned to believe in. Our hearts skipping rope to the exhale of the sun. Looking to build ladder where stairs once stood. Trying to dig up the graves that stole our corpses.

I hear the song, but it's so far away. I try to wake up, but it only makes it fuzzier as I try to focus on what isn't there.

Wearing those lies. like pantyhose. Too close to the skin. Promising my thumb tomorrow won't hurt as much And it doesn't heart me. The lies that I tell it.

Are you free now. Wherein the barbed wire is the fence. I tried to show you how, but it wouldn't talk.

Not like it used to.

A million restarts and still we can't connect.

All I ever wanted was not to be alone. Was not to feel like this.

You rescued me from so many things. But you couldn't save me from myself.

Every cure you gave me only made it worse.


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