Friday 7/07/2006 10:18:00 PM

Wasn't he correct when he observed how wrong everything is. All the time. In every way. People always seem to want to go backwards.

I hopped out of the room under the pretense of getting us beer. Like a rabbit who'd been the victim of someone's good luck. I just had to get out of that box. It felt so much like a coffin. His breathing shallow as his eyes lazed on my arm. Studying the ink that had left poor charlie with a permanent scowl. His scream in thick black letters just over his head. Just as I always suspected mine were. Especially as times like that one. Where every exhale quaked like an avalanche.

He said I made him different. Not better. Just different.

You're not different. You're lonely. And now you have proof.

If we're here. If we really are and this is not some strange dream, even still, we'll wake up at some point.

And it will all be over.


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