Monday 6/05/2006 12:27:00 AM

How does his skin fit over my clothes? Pointed eyes enraged with curiosity. His questions engulf me. Drowning in what he must know. Only for all intents and purpose the answers he seeks still vex me.

Just the skin on the pudding. Drawn back to reveal the creamy center. But not without its own merits.

They always say what suits me. Never realizing I am not suited to it. Wearing their tuxedos all day. As if bow ties on the floor might enhance our mutual nakedness.

If I drove faster, I might get there sooner. But chances are I'd fly right by without ever noticing what I'd missed.

There are so many ways to change. This is only one of them.

Every day he shows me others.

If you ever see a girl pulling her hair back as you look upon her, she's telling you to look.


For the woman in her.

Anonymous said...

In our perception belies our desires. The journey and the change are the essence of life, not the destination, not the being (something or someone). That would be static and thusly not alive.

Anonymous said...

yes, ok. but can tell me something i don't already know?

Anonymous said...

I know there is more here then I can grasp that may only be known to you. I immediately struggled with "How does his skin fit over my clothes?" not that it is wrong, just that I am ignorant to its meaning. Actually, just about every line and stanza terribly vexed me to understanding its meaning. I could see the substance, but I could not grasp it. I know there is so much here, but I've exhausted my efforts on figuring it out.

Anonymous said...

how does his skin fit over my clothes is reffering to physical intimacy. but the my clothes part is my psycological shield against letting someone get too close.

does that help?

Anonymous said...

I had an idea that is was similar to that, but skin being atop the cloths just kept throwing my mind a loop, as I am too familiarized with cloths being atop of ones skin and not the other way around. Of course it makes sense, just need your guidance on the metaphors. Thank you for explaining.

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