Wednesday 6/07/2006 12:36:00 AM

She put the microscope close to her lips and waited for the revelation to appear on the other side of the glass. The words appeared so much larger, but still didn't make a sound. If only it were possible to sneak up on these moments. The way they do to us.

Silence the velcro as its torn apart from itself.

I could stare all day at the frame. Life in pantyhose. So much prettier than what's inside them. These instant coffee people leave me worse off than had I none. I smell the alluring aroma but the taste is nothing like it foretold.

Her frivolous musings bleed passed the margins as she presses her thoughts deeper into the darkness. It's there on every wall that surrounds her. Broken bottles screamed their last words upon.

With hair too long and eyes too narrow she scratched the thoughts. Solitude's instant lotto. Never expecting to win anything except another useless ticket. Another chance to reveal what she's always known.

There will be words enough again. If I can be patient.

But for now. There are no sidewalks. Only the cracks between them.

Anonymous said...

no sidewalks only cracks ... sad yes, sad, and sometimes it is as if there was no way out, but there is a solution.
I salute you

Anonymous said...


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