Thursday 5/25/2006 11:25:00 PM

Praise the kitten. Kill the cat. It doesn't begin. It ends slowly. Chew the bullet from below the skin. Bite by bite I come to appreciate the taste of pain.

When nothing else is left to have this is what we are. In every instance. In every crayon color life melts down. Those papers are so unfair in the names they give us. So many words we could take to say how, but none of them will let us.

And you are the fool. Who dares to rob this empty safe. All locks undone still there is nothing you can take.

If you're someone else tonight I can understand. But shouldn't it pass. Jerk off that cloak and let me see again. Or at least cast the shadow. So that I may bathe in what once was.

Or what I believed to be the truth before we decided I was still too young.

And what of older anyway. Lay the boards. Build the floor. Still I can't walk on it.

The echo is just too loud.


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