Thursday 5/25/2006 12:03:00 AM

With a reticent stare his eyes lashed through her thoughts. One blink at a time dusting the dirt from the remaining pieces of skeleton.

Fossils in their own time.

Frauds in faded t-shirts and gasping denim. Only the socks stay on. Before. During. After. Icing on burnt cakes. Broken doorbells.

You'll find that I'm hard to reach these days. Ever since. I realized that ladder goes nowhere.


Climbing's overrated. And falling has its charms.

One of the first things we ever discussed as lovers was that we couldn't change. Like the situation demanded we underline that fact. So no one could cry wolf later. Or fabricate a reason to hate.

It's not often so, but sometimes we don't learn anything from our mistakes. Because it's impossible for us to believe that's what they were.

If I believed in heaven I'd say it's not a place you can go. Only somewhere you can be taken.



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