Monday 4/10/2006 11:21:00 PM

There are my glasses as they float above my nose. In calm resistance to the changes the world implores. Like losing your virginity all over again. Entering that portal where time expands and minds are shrunken. One thought at a time.

Creating the world to diminish our fears. Creating a world that adheres to our judgment. In every way that it relates to how we are the center of it.

I wanted to know them. No further expectations. I tied the shoe and hoped it would let me run.

Several poems later I looked upon my progress. Knowing it was none. Just the reticulations of angles already solved. All my visions dated by my own reluctance.

Writing the sad words of crippled hearts. As if on crutches I could never climb those mountains. Cooing the sad words of little girl hearts. As if they could transition me to.

But everything I learned I learned with a bottle in my hand. Everything gone tolerable now because.

I don't care.

It still loves me.


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