Tuesday 4/11/2006 10:43:00 PM

I can't sleep alone anymore. Back bent over that iceberg.

Leaving is the only thing that lets me stay. Not that I want to, but I don't know where to go. I press my chest to the pitchfork til it makes shallow holes. I need a big boulder. More weight. This death is slower than the one from before.

My breathing, it's the slow hiss of air escaping a tire. Through a tiny puncture.

This will take too long.

Suicidal narcissist.

My thinking, it's the gurgle of an almost empty engine.

There are no rest stops left.

Lost. Depression. Only excuses. Underground railroads to escape.

Alcoholic poet. Suicidal narcissist. Darkness comes to me for advice. Pain is my protege.

I can't sleep alone anymore.

Time to wake up.


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