Sunday 4/30/2006 09:53:00 PM

Backward through the maze. Until every step is negated. All my pain used to be wasted on those who didn't deserve it. Now I just keep it for myself.

It's easier to live in the now, but hard to remember the reason I'm still here.

Can't swim in the desert. Can't walk on the ocean. But the grass always pretends.

I smoke and I drink for pleasure, but all the time I'm waiting for them to make good on their promises and kill me.

Can't draw a picture I've never seen. Can't write what I don't know. But the are so many empty pages.

Emotional dodgeball every time I touch the keys.

There'll always be the ones that aim and those who are targets.

I believe in the balance. The paradox of opposites. No light without darkness.

But there is no balance in that unless sometimes they switch places.

Weighing everything in terms of what is worse is not enough.


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