Monday 4/17/2006 10:38:00 PM

So we didn't smoke. It was like being at the movies sans the popcorn. I'm supposed to be angry. And outraged. But that's so passe by now. Bit by bit they chip away at that boulder called freedom. So slowly that no one notices.

She starts calculating the tip before we've even placed our orders. She likes to be prepared. She likes paying in cash and not having to wait for change. She prefers putting her leftovers into the styrofoam herself.

You go out for a meal and you come back with something else altogether different. The sneaking suspicion that you've read this story before. And you've been living it longer than you ever thought.

Big Brother. I'm in the swimming pool again. Time to push me under.

She's so soft. I worry I'll break her. Or that I'll tire of my snarling and let someone else do it. She's so delicate. I don't want to tear her, but I might. All these razors that burst suddenly from my flesh. Are difficult to retract. It takes so much concentration to love someone.

She's worth it.


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