Thursday 3/09/2006 10:38:00 PM

You'll say I was hopeless. We both know it's true. And I'll say I don't care. Never wanted the world out there.

We'll let the string fall from the balloon. As it makes its ascent toward the sun.

You'll say I'm too involved. And myabe I am, but so what.

You'll say I read life like an encyclopedia when it ought to be a poem. And it's true. How strange is that.

We'll never agree on anything except that it's over.

I am what you see if you'd only look close enough. I am not to be measured in moments. But prefer to be the measure of.

You'll say I'm just trying to prove all my liquids are solid. Bit it's the other way around. I wish I could remember how to fall. How it feels to be caught.


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