Friday 3/31/2006 11:58:00 PM

Can't see the stairs, but still I land on them. No need to fall any further than I already have.

To save yourself. And save yourself you must. If you are to be saved. Requires so much more give a damn than I'm willing to expend.

Can't look at the sun, but I know it's there. By virtue of the yellow in my window. Occasionally it makes me warm, but more often it only emphasizes how cold it can be.

There's often talk of turning over leaves. I don't know why. There's nothing under them.

There are moments in life when you know everything has changed. The covers are slightly colder. The pillows hiss a different sound as your head hits.

There are the kind you can abide and the kind you just ignore. Throughout it all, the stairs remain. Whether or not you can see them.

Gázan said...

Wow, you are an amazing thinker and poet. The world could use more wonders like you. I'm enamoured.
Best regards,

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