Saturday 3/04/2006 09:43:00 PM

Turning sharp on his left foot he looked back again. All charged up with departure, but not ready to leave.

I said goodbye and tried to sound like I meant it. I guess it must've worked because he gave me one last gentle hug and was gone before I had the time to gather the courage to say what I'd really wanted.

It doesn't make it untrue. It doesn't detract from what occurred. But every so often I think back and imagine how different it might've been.

Roiling in this darkness. The sound of truth the only song that ever plays all the way through. They look back only once. And that's if you're fortunate.

But that truth was such a long tunnel. I couldn't run fast enough.

And then you were gone.

The phantom of your last pause guards the entrance now.

And I look back from there. Every word a ghost.


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