Friday 3/24/2006 11:50:00 PM

We never slept together. Actually slept. Unconscious under the same blankets.

We tried once. All drunk and stupefied by my demerol heart. So oblivious to the pain inflicted.

There were more than memories once. More than still photographs.

Drawing on filthy pages. Smooth ink bleeds passed the edge.

No lines.

Just where to start.

And where to stop.

Dining on love alfredo. Fatten us. Turn these frail skeletons into flesh.

All that time I thought I was getting closer to. That pale sunrise. That lack of orange.

All those hours listening. A vacuum.

wearing my transparency like a target.

satisfied. desperate to be.

your victim.

and now you are alone without your lamb.

and now you are a lion whose roar can no longer heard.


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