Saturday 2/25/2006 11:42:00 PM

The changes came after. Like most things do. Sucking on the gravity until. The knowness came in a cold briefcase. Contracts written. Signatures waiting. How can we be this simple. That the truth is what we extract from these situations. So committed to every mistake.

I think I took too long to grow up. Wasted too many years thinking reality would understand. Those people. Those questions I could never answer.

Like where was your heart when the blood shouldn't stop. Who were you then and how are you different since.

If at all.

I don't need convincing. I just need a problem to solve. The kind that hasn't an answer. That's what I love when there's nothing else. Tense the springs. Keep the pressure close. Let it scrape until sparks begin.

So many outlines to trace. None to fill in.

cb said...

zeno faced the same paradox... you can't outrun the tortoise. even though you can.

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