Sunday 2/05/2006 02:29:00 PM

I feel like I got really drunk last night. I didn't. But sometimes when you're used to drinking a substantial amount night in and night out if you drink a little less you wake up feeling worse than you would've had you just stuck with the routine. Just like any mental patient not taking their proper dose of medication.

Feels like my glasses are dirty, but they aren't. Vainly I wipe them again and again. Everything still looks the same. Hazy. Distant. The closest things look the farthest away. Or did they always look that way and it's only now that I'm noticing?

I wipe my glasses again with the aid of my red spongebob shirt. "The Many Faces of Spongebob Squarepants". Kinda deep for a cartoon t-shirt. There are nine in all depicted. But countless when you think about it. We're all cartoons sometimes. Wild with ungainly and manic expressions. Because the world can be surprising and vastly unreal.

Everything still looks the same.


Jon Oliva's singing to me. Yes, directly to me. That's what good music feels like. Music you truly love. If it never feels like that, you're listening to the wrong artists. He says it's all slipping away. And he's absolutely right.

Anonymous said...

I loved your last four posts. I love to read your work. Can I quote you on treasure maps of drunken pirates?

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