Thursday 1/26/2006 11:50:00 PM

The door stood open. Silently asking which side you'd choose. The latch shifted into place as did we. Another threshold on the verge of entry. Heavy hinges ladden with hours so much darker than these fallen eyelids.

We slept to dream of each other. And still the nightmares became. We stopped breathing to hold that moment. But still it left us.

They always do.

Cracked windshields in the wind. So much debris.

I thought I could live this way. That it was the only means there was to. I thought I could overcome the pull of the past. Ratchet those moments into their slots.

That time knew better than I did. Or that at least, it had a plan. To wrap the sheets around the corners of this matress. As elastic as it pretends. When every last chance has been drained from.

But still that last corner just won't reach. But then again, it never did. There is no blanket big enough to cover us. To turn those icicles into what we want to be.

But it's all right. Because to love you was privilege enough. It's all right. Because if I had anything to left this was how I'd want to lose it.


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