Thursday 11/03/2005 10:32:00 PM

(swollen throat) congested mind,
in the auditorium that is introspect (guilt) disbelief (failed denial);
waking softly to the sound of five years wasted.

fear and hope perched in tandem
on the thinnest branch, the slightest limb;
as a gentle breeze considers.

i am not this,
but this is me;

this smoke that trades
my breath for poems,
the bottle that breaks
my silence.

(tomorrow) what we'll never be.
yesterday (what we wish we hadn't)

turning pitchforks into roses
and wine into blood;

every night is just one,
but all are the first unto.

(fingers) bitten into wounds.
chewing open sealed segments;
(as if) it mattered
what happened (what didn't).

just wet dreams drying
like white sheets in the wind.


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