Saturday 11/12/2005 12:17:00 AM

technical goodbyes unresolved
leave you waiting on support,
knowing the solution lies
in the approach rather than
the condition.

technically we were
love unabsolved,
torture in its purest from;
such a graceful sedcution
of irony and skin.

i couldn't chew it,
so i swallowed instead;
and what i choked on
was more nourishing than
any feast i'd ever had.

it's no recovery if
you don't wish you'd failed,
it's not truth until
all other thoughts are
blotted out by it.

i couldn't let it go,
so i convinced it to
let me go isntead;
life painted on the
head of a pin.

as small as it gets,
it only takes a closer look
to see the same details
you saw when.

it always tells me
i'll be different,
but i never am.

it always tells me
that i'll forget,
but i remember.


technical goodbyes
still unresolved;
so far down inside myself now,
i don't know if that window is lying;
or if the world is actually out there -

not waiting.


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