Saturday 11/12/2005 12:00:00 AM

Aside from the myriad perks of alcohol (oblivion, ability to live with yourself, creative enima, social stimulant, eomtional expectorant, time killer) there actually are a few unpleasant side effects.

It makes you older so much faster. Both physically and mentally. I saw it happen to what's his name. One year he was healthy and crisp like an autumn breeze. Half a year later he was looking more like the dead leaf that autumn wind had pushed to the ground.

And now I'm starting to notice it happening to me. Those lines in my forehead are fast becoming trenches. Not that it matters really how old or ugly I get. Who's looking anyway.

No, the physical aging isn't that bad really. It's what it does to my head when I'm not drinking. Nothhing. Absolutely nothing seems to be of significance anymore. I just lay there on my proverbially made bed staring at the tiny people inside the glowing box. I just lay there lost in watching their tiny lives unfolding and forget that I once had a full-sized one of my own.

I must have left it inside of one of those bottles. Perhaps someday it'll be recycled and I'll live again in another other form.

We all must grow older regardless of how. We can quicken the the aging process with various substances or we can go to unending lengths to stretch it out until it's like a taut rubberband.

Either way, eventually it's going to snap back in our faces.

And I for one, prefer to be intoxicated when that time comes.

Anonymous said...

And I see it happening before my eyes to what's his name. And I am dying with him. Aging is irrelevant when you are alrady the walking dead. I wish I could give you some hope. You are too bright to go like this...

alcoholic poet said...

hope is nothing more than the nightmares of broken men.

it's not oours to give or receive.

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