Monday 10/10/2005 09:45:00 PM

I decided to start a new, anonymous blog which will focus on my alcoholism. Why? Why on earth would anyone be fool enough to do that? I had the idea a couple of nights ago. It sounded novel and therapeutic.

I did a search for alcoholic blogs on both standard google and google blog search and came up empty handed, save for recovering alcoholics.

I'm not doing this for the internet or the people on it. I'm doing it for me. Maybe if I write it down. Even if I only write down the questions, maybe later on I'll find in them the answers.

I don't have funny drunken stories. Well, maybe one, but, nah. It's not that funny. I'm not trying to be funny. There are already plenty of funny blogs out there.

I think I'm just laying down some bread crumbs. So later on, when I'm totally lost, I might be able to find my way back.


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