Sunday 10/30/2005 11:28:00 PM

This site got a hit for the query "why does an alcoholic feel he does not deserve love" at msn. And I feel compelled to answer that question.

It's the other way around. One becomes an alcoholic because they feel they cannot be loved. And it will love them when no one else can.

The drinking is a symptom of the insecurity. The unlovable part is not the fault of the alcohol, but the inherent problem the user is trying to stifle with it.

Anyone who drink excessively. Anyone who can't do without it, has problems that created this new problem. Alcohol isn't their reason. It's their cure.

It just never delivers on what it's promised.

Anonymous said...

you see??? you did help me after all. this was my query. i am the same girl who posted about loving an alcoholic. thank you. i am grateful for the help of strangers. family is difficult to ask. i thought our being of different races (he is creole, i am white) and ages (he is 27 i am 37) would pose the problems. he does drink to drown the pain he has endured from abuse. but i love him for him. bet you are just as awesome.

alcoholic poet said...

well, ok. good then. glad you found your answer.

thanx for stopping by and reading a while.

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