Monday 7/27/2020 11:18:00 PM

the bridge breaks. gravity closes its fist. we fall. while our paper wings tear against the wind. swallowed by circumstance. we stumble through the obstacles of perspective. all its loose buttons and torn pockets. that leave us with more to mend than for which we have thread.

wherever we were going isn't someplace we'll ever see again. 

she carries her words in heavy sacks. spilling them as she goes. a leaking bucket. water sloshing as she struggles. the meanings scattered. the names slipping out of reach. 

eventually arrives empty handed.

life grinds and churns. as it always has. only now the motor strains. as time thickens. a hardening adhesive. simultaneously binding us and leaving us isolated

the closer we get, the farther away it is. 

our grief owns us. from birth to death. from skin to marrow. 

we're accumulating that debt from the first moment we begin to love. 

it's a puzzle only the end can solve. 

Sunday 7/19/2020 10:45:00 PM

slender truths tear as we strain on them. the lies tunnel deeper. we wear our grief in heavy overcoats. but when the storm comes, the rain still soaks us. 

life stutters. the moments stall. love draws its pencils marks in skin searching for something more permanent. 

the animal rages. evolution reasons. betrayed by nature. we build our own utopia. and destroy it with our arrogance. 

we insist we are stronger. even as our world collapses. 

superstition's stain mars all of our choices. 

the little dolls try on their dresses. tender thighs get caught in broken zippers. 

we rage at the crimes against us. only to discover we are the villains. 

Wednesday 7/15/2020 11:06:00 PM

your tomorrows all poisoned. your yesterdays all hollowed out. blood stumbles through bent veins. flesh chokes on the little bits of life that remain. 

no more some days. condemned to the prison of your body. the mind screams, but no sound escapes. 

she searches, but cannot find the surface. I grab her hand, but she's too heavy to pull up. 

the end is a constant. a slow larceny of dignity. 

we're forced to die so many times before they allow it. she waits in her bell jar. watching. unable to see. smaking sounds no one can hear. she suffocates in the aftermath. a voice deprived of words. 

I give her mine, but they're not enough. 

7/08/2020 11:19:00 PM

the empty roads call us to follow them. like the labyrinths in our skin. the endless miles spill their blood in our heads. we're drowning in our own intentions. we're starving because our hunger has betrayed us.

we stitch the wounds with hate. we use division as our bandages. 

the infection persists because the infection is us. 

i never knew her. though i thought i did. i never knew anyone. all thunderstorms and blnd wagers. all people suffer the truth of having lived. 

memories like candles extinguished. the dark becomes us. 

we lie. we pretend to love. but we don't know how. we never have. we're all thieves. we take what we want and never give. 

circumstance sours. life's brittle bridges give out as we run. the end always finds us. 

eventually tightens its knots. hate shouts. while love can only whisper. 

we're strangled from within. 

Saturday 7/04/2020 10:42:00 PM

death is a fickle mistress. 

all the tenderness dissolves. all intimacy inevitably decays. 

we flood the void with guilt and panic. yet, empty is how it remains.

the maps in our skin tend to get us lost. the ones in our heads are more accurate.

we're so small. it's just that everything is smaller still. so our perspective is distorted.

the colors tangle and the words go missing. blood is always a stranger. 

the angles sharpen. time hesitates. 

we're always alone when it hurts. nothing can penetrate that wall. 

Monday 6/29/2020 11:03:00 PM

the years like smudges on our lips. we're stained. we're kissed. drowning in our stumbling songs. dancing to our broken music. orphans. all of us. alone. from beginning to end. 

too far again. swallowed up in the distance. pummelled by the wind. i listen for a murmur of choice in a world that doesn't seem to know when. 

the clock trembles. feverish with our grief. her body is sick with the time that sours inside her flesh. 

we envy gravity. its stern resolve as the edge approaches. 

we call it life. but we know it isn't. 

the corner turns us. and we're lost again. 

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