Tuesday 2/25/2020 12:06:00 AM

the world was brown. withered and sere. it felt familiar. the empty streets. the whisper of frost in the wind. all the lonely miles that had culminated to shape the present.

still tomorrow beckoned. hungry for movement. a worm on a hook. teasing to be swallowed.

the path was familiar, but the places were foreign.

everything louder than it had ever been. all the colors knotted. the world churning around us as we stalled. Our engines depleted.

the bridges buckled. still we crossed them. the other side not as different as we had imagined.

umbrellas opening against the wind. the rain still drenching us. all the places we'd forgotten remembering us again.

embracing all the poisons that we covet. parachutes opening long after impact.

we collided. and it was as beautiful as it was hopeless.

Monday 2/17/2020 11:35:00 PM

we slipped inside the distance. all choke and euphoria. humbled by the thunder of our breath. inebriated by the speed of our blood. running away. running toward. hardly aware of a difference. interested only in the chase.

opportunity seduced us. proximity tempted. skin and heat collided in a fury of circumstance.

the moments simmered. loud enough to burn us. we lost our skin, but the muscles persisted. all broken glass and sugar. as we searched our bodies for words they didn't have.

the ghosts ruminated. needles tethered to knots in their thread.

we had our blades. we were ready to cut. still we hesitated.

i was found by the miles long before i found them. i was lost. will always be lost inside them.

that is where i belong.

2/10/2020 11:36:00 PM

we lingered in the artifacts. pretending to read the pages that had been torn out. we listened as the rain began to fall. a million needles hitting our skin.

there's no armor. no bridge. no place that can take us there again.

the crippled ghosts debate with their ladders. how high they can get.

we try to remember ourselves, but tomorrow erases us over and over again.

the intersection tenses. we look both ways. but we don't see what's too close.

time stumbles over the miles that make us. we try to run, but its weight is too much.

the pinch of god destroys us. as we suffocate in its empty epiphany. animals in a muzzle.

flesh listens. when no one else will. an unbreakable bridge between who we are and who we've become.

we touch. and the logic overwhelms. it's always been this simple.

Wednesday 1/29/2020 11:41:00 PM

we spent the hours on the obvious poisons. more than willing to surrender to the loss. the colors told us. in all the words we could not say. the ugly epiphanies of skin that drive us forward. long after we've reached our limit.

the parsed buttons. the broken zippers. all the systems that eventually  undo us. stumbling through the hierarchy of want. we slipped inside its panic. that generous mouse trap. ripe with all the choices eager to swallow us.

the little tables. the empty chairs. incredulous. as the feast consumes us.

the lingering thieves. focused on the crumbs. as starvation listens louder. the sweet dolls that press their lips to the buttons.

we know how fast. we know how far. but still we struggle with where we are.

the flesh comes away from the bone. we name the shadows. we accuse the math.

but the truth is the end is all that matters.

Thursday 1/23/2020 11:54:00 PM

I wondered where we'd been. The memories spinning in their colors. no sound. just the pull of zippers coming undone. everything exposed.

We ran. For as long as we could. swallowing the miles like medicine. though we never got better.

She laughed as I looked in her pockets. Empty as they were.

She waited for the moon to rise. The clouds to come. Hungry for a darkness that had always been there.

We crawled into our skins. Eager to find a home for these hungry skeletons. Rubbing our matchsticks as the spark refused.

It was dark, but we still knew where we were headed.

we dug into the maps. our claws shredding the paper.

we spent our choices on time and hope. we were alive only when it hurt.

1/16/2020 11:35:00 PM

we hit the ground, though we thought we were still falling. perhaps in some way, we still were.

plastic arms and torsos in time's hollow graveyard.

the colors. they simmer and churn. just below the flesh. the angry chemistry of life erupting from inside fading silhouettes.

the moments scorch. all heat and fascination. the unrepentant rebellion of emotion and biology. raw fingers reaching for an ember in a blizzard.

we fall quietly. unnoticed. crippled by the memory of flight.

the years a rabid kaleidoscope of friction and blood.  that simultaneously creates and destroys us.

a long corridor of time machines. each one more bruised than the last.

sometimes gravity lies to us. we think we're weightless. even as we're being crushed.

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