Wednesday 10/10/2018 12:03:00 AM

the shadows stuttered. high on circumstance. the light barked. from the length of its tether. all fangs and self defense. she danced merrily with the wind. even as she knew the bridge would collapse.

she said nothing. and it said so much. the words fell away. and the truth was finally exposed.

the moment simmered. time deferring to flesh. a sharp mosaic of promise without a finish. just flawed lenses and broken bulbs. trying on our empty clothes.

plastic fingers pulling on the sun. painted irises churning on the whims of the weather.

the perfume of her memory. piquant as she tries to forget. the ghosts coalescing at the base of her spine.

the playwright in her breath. the actors in her fingertips. the winter stumbles. and we imagine there is a summer. maybe. eventually. there is.

she trusted her skin. even as they peeled it away. spending her like pennies in a fountain. the frivolous wishes of thieves and con men. still the structure withstood. the valiant rigor of bone and blood.

the miles solved. splinters of how. shards of when. the spoiled equations of coincidence. she wondered what now. all these greedy monsters. all these stubborn corpses. a debt that was never hers. still demanding payment..

Sunday 10/07/2018 11:52:00 PM

the numbers ached. stiff inside their coffins. far was easy. it was close that proved to be the hardest.

time struck its mirrors. trying on the shame in frayed g-strings and wrinkled capes. the math loud. as division collected on its wagers.

i've seen the end walk away in silence. corners split. rafters fallen. run, limp and crawl. it never stops. a broken staircase between when and how.

the lottery of flesh spinning. selling happiness in iou's. the sober parliament of touch. failing  in its attempts to govern broken men.

beginning's simmer in gravity's pot. we chew on the pieces. but the meat on the bone is still raw.

Monday 10/01/2018 12:03:00 AM

the weight of the wind is measured in years. soft locks negotiate the corners in our flesh. the geometry of want crumbles under the strain of time's resistance.

we wear the hunger. in loose ropes and heavy stitches. the promise of tomorrow loud against our panic. the distance stumbles as we choke on the map.

curious orphans basking in the fury of our discontent. each moment candy melting on our tongues. sweet, yet empty.

alive by fractions. dying in whole numbers.

the end festers. below the cuts. a persistent disease. choices solve for us. an impossible equation.

the corners bend. gravity softens. we soar for a moment. then we crash.

a well suffocating on wishes.

Saturday 9/22/2018 10:53:00 PM

the choices were quiet as we contemplated our direction. the moment wilted. as the time pressed down. we were so many unread pages. in more chapters than our flesh could manage.

the folds were easy. the patterns more complex. as we fiddled with the math underneath our skin.

the map is always there. below the words. between the colors. crumbling epiphanies trace desire's corpses.

the moment erupts. all wet tissue paper and brittle candy on heavy sticks.

the bridges sway. the wind pushes. and we are subsumed by our own insignificance.

 splinters in the sunset. hammers in the flood. choice is the structure. circumstance the mechanics.

Sunday 9/16/2018 10:55:00 PM

so you let it rain and the rain was unwilling to stop. so you crossed into the intersection and the traffic refused to pause. sometimes the journey presses softly. other times it bears down hard.

the rain came quiet, but thick. i couldn't hear it, but the sky buzzed with water as i pretended not to get wet.

my math had faults, to be sure. as i calculated the distance. i was familiar with going too far and compensating for the loss.

the biography in our skin burrowing deeper. as the weight of the years adds up. the consent of touch unravelling as intimacy approaches.

the slope of right fumbling in all directions. glass voices shatter. and we sift through the shards. for anything resembling us.

Monday 9/10/2018 11:05:00 PM

it was quiet as the sky began to fall. it was easy to run as the distance began to add up. flesh fell away as memory conceded. parables of skin easily accumulating in the folds of our panic.

i stopped waiting. the flood receded. i stopped asking. the questions remained.

we were close, but remained strangers. until the string finally snapped. and the balloon drifted away. the numbers shouting. the colors raging. as we spent our last few miles on leaving.

the swaying bridges. the narrow roads. permanent chapters in temporary flesh.

we honed the blades. we owned the weapons. charming the sharp edges. with old scars and ragged stitches.

we were ready to be cut. hungry to break. we were eager to fall. until we found out how
high it was.

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