Tuesday 10/27/2020 11:28:00 PM

 the yellow fog of want spilled in. all sweet pickles and sour candy amongst a feast of curdled flesh. spent by time and still eager to gamble the minutes we had left. 

the stuttering horizon. the shriek of gravity. as we brave that cliff. we're falling. always falling. desperate for that collision. 

the maps in our head all torn. the places we've been abandoned. 

the clothes we wear too big. the masks we try on don't fit. we draw our voices in chalk. but the rain is always erasing them. 

the quiet overcomes us. the distance tends to drown us. we float. we swim. but this ocean is vast. and rescue rarely comes. 

Monday 10/19/2020 11:10:00 PM

the end lingers. cruelly gnawing on our remains. 

the honey hardens. the meat spoils. the plants decay. our muscles turn to lead. our skin becomes paper. 

death is in no hurry. and life maintains a ferocious grip. 

in the sun the green grass turns brown. in the cold the flowers die out. 

our paths wind and intersect randomly.. snakes and rats fumbling toward the maze's end. 

animals drowning in our own emotional  math. 

life is a slender bridge above a canyon of immeasurable depths. 

Thursday 10/15/2020 11:33:00 PM

 empty bridges. shallow puddles. the treacherous  loyalty of seldom lovers. 

the fairy tale came in fractions. the algebra of broken skin. 

years wasted on rusted zippers and the beautiful nothings inside them. 

no mountains. no rivers. just the spoil of the sun. as it rises on another thief. all our debts acknowledged. all our assets counted. as the end comes tumbling in. all sand and resentment. in a life only partially lived. 

hope... all counting colors we can't see. love.. all asking questions we can't answer. trust... the long staircase that leads us down into oblivion. 

the dagger quivers in her fist. the edge stumbles to reach her.

the moment is passed. the time machine is stalled. we're left with what we've always been. 

Sunday 10/11/2020 11:49:00 PM

 tomorrow stumbled. all the choices we never wanted to have. soldiers in the rain. bullets long since spent. memories a poison too compelling to resist. 

the miles stuttered. all sweat and fear. as life choked on its own vomit. 

we pretended to know. or to have the means to determine. the cost of skin in a world of skeletons. chance's various thieves unfolding those worn out maps. 

we go where we go. we run when we can. all the while yearning for the places that have forgotten us. 

our hearts all toast and butter. as the end begins to bite down. 

the luxury of time our only ally in this war with ourselves. 

Saturday 10/03/2020 10:53:00 PM

 the occasional lies told us. in licorice and cotton candy. whispers of choices lost to circumstance.

the severity of skin confounded. as she wrestled with her time machine. everything growing louder against the deafness of so many changes. 

the corners laughed. as the end confessed. that we had never begun in the first place. 

the rain fell softly. as she gathered her fists. ready to fight for her fading poisons. 

everything shrinks. as distance's appetite increases. 

little voices made of clay. stuck in the shape of silence. 

we thread the needle. we try to mend. but our knots are too small. our stitches don't take.

Thursday 9/24/2020 11:11:00 PM

someday comes and goes. we hardly notice. the missing flesh. the bones exposed. someday whispers. while we steep in our diseases. the balance slowly shifting. less a person. more a ghost. 

i found her too late. i wasn't looking. i knew her only by blood. a wisp of paper caught in a hurricane.  she dissolved into the depths of her causality. 

the fervent contrition of loyalty and circumstance. 

her voice disappeared. her choices crumbled. the rancid memories all that remained. tomorrow sneered as she gazed at the horizon. too far away to see where our choices intersect. 

her life raindrops melting into the sand. 

all the lies we used. all the false hope. all the comfort in denial. all of it gone.

butterflies with missing wings. cockroaches stripped of their shells.

the tender marrow that is her life irrevocably exposed. 

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