Tuesday 6/20/2017 12:20:00 AM

her trajectory argues with the wind. her muscles argue with her skin. counting the distance an intersection at a time. each breath a fraction. a parody. of how. the road still continues onward so long after there's no place left to go.

we abandon our simple wars for more complicated conflicts. fetid. the stench of truth growing old.

steep slopes favor the coward. deep scratches earn their scabs. drawing useless treasure maps in the empty husks we call flesh.

the speed of the descent distorting us. familiar strangers. peddling choices that leave us bankrupt.

soldiers of the incline. scraping at the sun. measuring it all in casualties of touch.

running from the rain. chasing down the clouds. searching for the corner of the world where everything connects.

6/13/2017 12:23:00 AM

it's cold until it isn't. distant corners nurture the darkness. in shouts of when. and stabs of how. each puzzle is solved. in a roar of surrender.

the day broke. louder than usual. all torn threads and grinning foxes. the road won. as it always has. the panics of flesh quickly turning sour.

we maneuver these graceless skeletons. in an endless contest of broken promises. our thoughts all curdled milk and rotted flesh. and that nagging hunger still not sated.

it's not the colors that we see. it's not the poison that we taste. as the end comes. in pinpricks and whispers. in drizzling rain and distant thunder. all the empty storms that make us forget the sun.

it's the nothing that motivates. the gears in the void biting down. consuming.  the little pieces that remain.

it's choice. the weak narcotic that pushes blood through bone.  too long after that connection is broken.

it's life. still feasting on time's hollow carcass. long after the meat is gone.

6/06/2017 11:44:00 PM

yellow kingdoms strike the green. the void finds its endemic reciprocity. the soft acceleration of when unravelling in a horrendous confetti of consent.

it wasn't far. it just took so long to get there.

gravity winced. as she took each step. the casual empty between catastrophe and progress.

it wasn't far. it just took so long to get there.

all the corners thieves. erupting with what had been stolen.

narrow paths bear their fangs. as the hunt stiffens. the promise of when deflating.

it was never that far. we just took too long to get there.

Saturday 6/03/2017 12:44:00 AM

say when. time is listening.

wager your bones. leverage your skin. the body is currency.

the hours wrinkle and fold. a chaos of moments creates us. from the tender meat of circumstance.

the mind is raw. all loose dirt and quivering holes. the ceremony of skin articulates. the tremendous wealth and poverty that is living.

we run. like colors in the rain. hungrily bleeding into eachother. skeletons leveraging their marrow.

on open doors. and empty stairs. and all the broken bridges between yesterday and tomorrow.

the words wonder. the silence sickens. the sharper corners make their cuts.

and we are taken by the flow of blood.

Tuesday 5/30/2017 12:33:00 AM

the edge of the world comes and goes. thirsty predators straving on too much meat.

the truth comes in doses. the various medicines of shame. curing nothing.

the rain whispers. the crippled poetry of famished hunters. whose baskets of blood remain heavy long after the meal's been taken.

it's not time that counts. it's everything else.

the end of the world came and went. no one noticed. it hurts. it should. that's how it heals.

all the jigsaw pieces. all the broken images. bits of the disease to fortify our immnity.

and there we were. turning left again. going places. that don't exist.

Sunday 5/28/2017 12:56:00 AM

the when is low. the how is high. missing bridges span the gap between. the shriek of surrender. the roar of triumph.

the pattern stutters. tomorrow's empty vise. hungers for something to hold.

i couldn't say. didn't even try. to measure the weight. or to quantify. the distance between. how and why.

the little dog. the desperate stray. all blood and numbers. perspective. all math and panic. as the lines converge. as the horizon scrapes her chin. and the last of her scabs give way to fresh skin.

the loudest corners suddenly silent. the deepest colors all, but faded.

the ugly chore of letting go. slowly sinking in.

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