Friday 8/16/2019 11:07:00 PM

we spent our skin. useless pennies we'd rather discard. we took our turns on the trigger. mollified by bullets and blood.

we ran. tugging on the distance. as the thread slowly came undone. we marvelled as the seams split. and what was inside spilled into focus.

weak is what we were. strong is what we are. dragging those skeletons behind us. until the muscle is replenished.

we take the bridges. as they take us. it's not the height. it's the void underneath our steps. the cold medicine of time. as it chafes against our blood. tying its knots in our memory. telling its stories in the margins of our flesh.

we run. but it's never far enough.

Saturday 8/10/2019 11:14:00 PM

the chalk breathes across the slate. ripe with infinity and oppression. flesh shrinks. the math of expectation failing to solve the impossible equations of want.

we gaze upon the shallow cuts. the infection ours to embrace.

as time seethes. our terminal surrender.. as the promise simmers. all sunburn and sweat. while we bicker over the details of our defeat. lost in a confluence of empty conceits.

the world ends so often. we lose track. collecting our melted crayons. sorting the colors into their empty epiphanies.

time hunts. all claws and saliva. the darkness pauses. a fierce reminder. as the puzzle pieces scatter.

the solution slips away.  and we're left to grieve these broken pictures.

Thursday 8/01/2019 11:52:00 PM

I lied and said it didn't matter. I was preoccupied with waiting for the sun. It's always raining. I don't expect it'll ever stop. We work our bridges. As the water rises. We can only go so high. Eventually the drowning catches us.

When we were young it was easy. Cut the flesh and ignore the blood. The scars draw our maps.

But time has its own agenda.

I remember. The names. The faces. The heavy pendulum of hope. As it plots its useless itinerary.

No lies. No truth. Just flesh. Like knotted ropes. Daring us to climb its length.

We're eyes. We're lips. We're breath. As the ricochet of choices careens across our panic.

Angles tighten. Friction accelerates. We cam measure the speed. and the the distance. It's loss that's impossible to calculate.

Saturday 7/27/2019 11:48:00 PM

we were drowning in the shallow puddles. trying to breath under water. when all we really needed to do was stand up.

the end bit its nails and cashed its checks. we weren't ready, but we were never going to be.

we had the paper. we had the ink. but there were no words left to say.

it was early. it was late. our grief was ripe.. gravity was incredulous as it made us fall.

the monsters were hungry, but the meat was gone from our bones. still they feasted on us just the same.

until there was nothing.

we were paper when the storm came in. there was nothing left by the time the sun came out again.

Friday 7/19/2019 11:41:00 PM

time overtakes us. we're already spent on tomorrow. yesterday is bankrupt. our choices all broomsticks and cauldrons. no magic. just witches

we said goodbye. or pretended we did. caressing reality's razor. peeling the skin from the bone. on skeletons more paper than blood.

we melted in the rain. we burned in the sun. but the end never truly came.

we were hungry. picking at the leftovers. wondering where the next meal would come from.

all the little monsters. and all the big ones. they were just shadows on a page we hadn't turned.

all the minutes and the hours. trembling in our veins. a poison we're  ravenous to consume.

i wouldn't know your face anymore. your voice would be a stranger. it's the taste of you that lingers.

7/19/2019 12:01:00 AM

we're here. aren't we? or we were at least. days or a lifetime ago. gossamer thoughts on whispers of strings. the hours smaller than we imagined. the minutes shy and quiet.

i couldn't love you, even if i wanted to. which i don't. i can't prove you're wrong. but i know it.

everything is wrong. so why not this.

the darkness stumbles. the emperor counts his threads. we're exposed.

i'd say i love you, but i wouldn't want to waste the words.

the distance becomes us. we drift. swallowed up in the spectacle of our want. deflated by the repetition of our grief.

there's no evolution. no discernible changes. we are stagnant. empty pages devoid of ink.

those seldom monsters draw their maps under the skin. those stubborn suns pretend it isn't raining.

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