Monday 2/19/2018 11:54:00 PM

memory is elastic. it stretches. it does not break.

intersections are dangerous. too many people going too many different directions.. all splinters and bent nails. as we fumble toward destinations always just out of reach.

choices are lead. they weigh us down. cause us to sink.

flesh is eidetic. there is rage in the smallest of expectations. there is betrayal in the simplest mistakes. the truth emerges as the architect of our grief.

the walls tremble. the structure rots. destruction suits us. it always has.

2/12/2018 01:35:00 AM

small echoes resonate as the distance chokes. on corrupt corners. and contentious travellers. as our detours undo us.

the little colors larger than the big ones. the small stones that collect. their weight measured in flattened boasts.

the moments multiply. stuttering lovers and careful liars. banging on their broken drums. dancing to music that long ago stopped.

tomorrow spent on yesterday. everything borrowed. shallow footprints in thick mud. the harder we run the faster we're swallowed.

steady monsters. shy heroes. the story slouches. the prose stumbles. we've always had the beginning. it's the end that confounds.

time's shaking fist. heavy with placebos. choice's many needles miss the vein again.

2/05/2018 01:36:00 AM

we languish in the severity of the void. ripe and losing our grip on the detached pantomime that life presents. the sharp intensity of desire. simmering in time's graceless stench.

the mind's scale. struggles to measure our nothing. the body's pendulum sways. simultaneously heavy and weightless. the truth interrupts our surrender. with curious promises of a surface above.

the hours convene to discuss our progress. sorting flesh and choices into equal piles. assuming all are worthless.

it's not far between this life and the next. just one small bridge i'm afraid to cross.

Wednesday 1/31/2018 11:37:00 PM

the wind is weight enough. as the road unfolds under my panic. there are no places. there are no sounds. as we slip out of these wasted skins.

the rain's simple song. the body's grave inflections. hope's deceitful epiphanies.

the cautions of thieves. all broken threads. the force of distance. a catapult of choices.

it's all knots. tiny nooses. blunt needles. caught in the holes.

our bodies spread like disease. touch is fatal. our lips betray. every word a treason.

the distance tells us. little stories of picnics and wolves. breadcrumbs and candy houses. to gut. to follow.

and big teeth. so many fangs. biting down.

Thursday 1/25/2018 10:34:00 PM

soft corners tease the arithmetic of volume and depth. want and loss. the tender thieves we take for granted. as our movement subsumes us.

when i walk there are footprints. though the ground is hard. when i am lost there are paths. though the maps are wrong.

the world is quiet. i can barely hear it breathing. a lever. a fulcrum. the body. choice's most basic of machinations.

an engine. a combustion. the physics of skin steadily unravelling under the wrench of context.

the little animals and the big ones. we're the same. the red lights and the green ones. we keep going either way.

the end hums its simple songs. blood seldom listens.

Sunday 1/14/2018 11:45:00 PM

it's nothing now. the yellow panic that wears our bones.

the trembling ladder in our empty gardens. where despite all we give it nothing grows.

the hours tell. in gentle stabs. all the beautiful stories that broke and bruised.

the tender meat kept under our clothes. the corners wagered in screams and shouts. what we want against what we have.

touch too heavy. slowing us down. choices so loud. we couldn't hear anything else.

the monsters know us. they're always listening.

the path cuts. with a dull blade. the bridge bleeds. all the ugly choices flesh articulates.

the years whisper. the body's underlying treason.

our hunger the only constant. as we discard our remaining poisons and surrender to the cold.

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