Sunday 10/04/2015 11:53:00 PM

it rained and she wondered if the weather ever wanted. like we do. helpless shadows on the verge of oblivion. stones in the wind. pissing gravity. vomiting distance.

like the little lies and the big ones. all of them spending us.

the quiet water. listening as we decay. burnt matchsticks consumed by their flame.

the impatient wind leads her onward. bridges of skin and bone take us. hollow cocoons.

lost draws every map we follow. surrender sings every song we dance to.

she was travelling. or remembering how it was. letting the steps take her. the magnificent epiphany of defeat devouring the future.

she was chasing the clouds. or being chased by them. the difference negligible. withered lovers in the void between touches. the futility of words erupting.

the empty sidewalk. the tentative expense. liars and predators ripening sweetly in the fitful collapse of broken hearts.

she wasn't counting, but she knew how far.

Monday 9/28/2015 11:57:00 PM

the volume changed. the hours divided. a naked aggression. an insidious surrender. all broken wood and sinking stones. in a sea of solitude.

a tumble of voices. barren kings on their crumbling thrones.

the viscosity of when. all plaid whistles and purple neon elastic. as if we can remember the things we only wish had happened.

the pictures turned. fundamental poisons in the fever of confession.

the typical ghosts overwhelm. a lather of faces. wear their shadows in shallow cuts.

the truth comes in rocking chairs and long division. she doesn't know. never has.

all these electric toadstools and Styrofoam rocket ships don't even come close. .

the beginning of the world is infinite. paper biographies and plastic gods. a collapsing temple of loyalty and bile. our enthusiastic worship of all things empty.

gravity is a weak force, yet it overwhelms us. gravity is critical to our survival, yet we struggle to escape it.

freedom is its own prison.

Tuesday 9/22/2015 11:32:00 PM

fervent patrons of the void kneel and scrape their heavy limbs. the edge traces her. in ink. the fundamental enemy we all covet.

the road undressed itself. a vanity of defeat. all frenzy and venom in the hysteria of surrender.

i knew how far. or i thought i did. the distance has its wolves and its piglets. bits of predator and plenty of victim. meat and teeth and hunger in an atlas of wounds.

there were angles. heavy with gravity. i was falling. i just didn't know it yet.

the velocity of how. all spiderwebs and empty bridges. the weight of if. in its spoiled famine.

we stumbled. temporary thieves shuffling their poisons. we ran. permanent strangers shouting at the wind.

Friday 9/18/2015 11:33:00 PM

the end came suddenly. sober colors in the drunk of distance. we forgot. like ghosts will do. the privilege of lost. the ambition of silence.

we took the road. we let it take us. as travellers tend to do. charmed by circumstance. seduced by surrender.

the narrow paths reveal her. in stumbles of voice and shivers of touch. she's a piece. lost from its puzzle. she's a knot slowly coming undone.

the truth all doorways. the future in staircases. she named the shadows. that were almost tame. restless equations  with bones in their creases.

the numbers confessed. impatient soldiers in a tepid revolution. she embraced the walls. tomorrow's impotent poison testing her fading politics.

the road went deaf. she kept listening

Tuesday 9/15/2015 12:30:00 AM

the table was dark, except for the light from nowhere. the kind that doesn't let you sleep. the room was nothing. not there. some distant eternity fertile with our grief. thoughts. scrabble tiles soaked in drugs. the road was open. wet thighs covered in beckoning.  we had to keep going. there was no alternative.

we were so small. we just didn't know it yet.

time passed. in scratches of pencil and stabs of sun. we pretended not to know that we were dying. faster than ever.

we sped away. and went nowhere. pinwheels at the mercy of the wind. spinning.

the road was bright. drowning in the ambitious delusion of summer. all soft breezes of flesh and youth's sweetest poisons. we were sure we were blind. we didn't understand the difference. the distance was inside of us. a relentless junkie. determined to score another high.

we saw the stairs. going down. going up. a dubious coincidence. a bitter delirium of gravity. scattered sand and stale bread in useless epiphanies.

we were always lost. we just didn't know how much yet.

Sunday 9/13/2015 12:09:00 AM

The end in reason. Blushing fruit in the throat of the war. Empty bodies engulfed in the void. We are animals. Tame, but the mind continues to evolve. Jagged outskirts receive her. In the calm of the storm.

seldom hunters spend their bullets of corpses.

The stubborn reflex of want. Spending bridges like currency. Accumulating distance like wealth. Such is the nature of our condition. The future arrives on flightless feathers. The past delivers on cippled wings.

no context, the words preceed her. the hours consent to her panic. in scrapes and jabs.  no direction. only the footprints of  monsters and thieves.

The end becomes her. A cruel metamorphosis. Of broken ladders and empty fists.

The hours turn. Gears in a curious surrender. Time takes us. Pebbles that briefly scrape the surface. and quickly sink.

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