Sunday 9/16/2018 10:55:00 PM

so you let it rain and the rain was unwilling to stop. so you crossed into the intersection and the traffic refused to pause. sometimes the journey presses softly. other times it bears down hard.

the rain came quiet, but thick. i couldn't hear it, but the sky buzzed with water as i pretended not to get wet.

my math had faults, to be sure. as i calculated the distance. i was familiar with going too far and compensating for the loss.

the biography in our skin burrowing deeper. as the weight of the years adds up. the consent of touch unravelling as intimacy approaches.

the slope of right fumbling in all directions. glass voices shatter. and we sift through the shards. for anything resembling us.

Monday 9/10/2018 11:05:00 PM

it was quiet as the sky began to fall. it was easy to run as the distance began to add up. flesh fell away as memory conceded. parables of skin easily accumulating in the folds of our panic.

i stopped waiting. the flood receded. i stopped asking. the questions remained.

we were close, but remained strangers. until the string finally snapped. and the balloon drifted away. the numbers shouting. the colors raging. as we spent our last few miles on leaving.

the swaying bridges. the narrow roads. permanent chapters in temporary flesh.

we honed the blades. we owned the weapons. charming the sharp edges. with old scars and ragged stitches.

we were ready to be cut. hungry to break. we were eager to fall. until we found out how
high it was.

Tuesday 9/04/2018 11:18:00 PM

it was far. until it wasn't. the heat of the hunt burning its stories into our flesh. a simple war full of casual complexities. victory and defeat impossibly similar.

a nervous path trembling between open road and collapsing bridge. circumstance drawing its sketches. while we pretend to know where these random colors belong.

the pencil scratches. our maps tear.  choices dissolve like tissue paper.  the mundane elements of having lived.

the flood comes and goes. all the places i've never been. the end erupts. miles. inches. distance is overcome by depth.

the box remains sealed. the poison inside it unknown. whatever is alive is also dead.

gravity. time. context. a ladder without any rungs.

hope falls in a steady drizzle. still our thirst persists.

it was a mile. then it was ten. life is a scavenger. picking at time's carcass. we wear its corpse. while we wait
for our flesh to grow back.

Sunday 8/26/2018 11:51:00 PM

the echo of skin resonates. the thunder of feet is a hollow triumph. alone, i cross the broken bridge. unable to feel the empty under my momentum. unconvinced by the chasm that's opened up beneath my steps. i don't fall. i just keep on running.

the wind is fierce. as the season tucks into its change. the rope is loose. as i negotiate tomorrow. it could've been real. as sharp as it was. so many little openings. but the scabs formed quickly. survival took over.

there's the chemistry that acts as the catalyst. the initial reaction that creates the illusion. the lies that define us. structure and solution churning in a miasma of weakness.

we're animal. instinct and need. engines roaring in idle. a thoughtful oblivion tender with conceit. a graceless ache that surreptitiously paralyzes.

i didn't know how long. i couldn't tell how far. i only knew i couldn't stop.

Wednesday 8/22/2018 10:52:00 PM

time took us away from ourselves. torn paper. seldom ink. the path surrendered to the weight of choices we didn't realize that we'd made.

there was blood. and bandages. we never questioned how we would recover from those wounds. I ran as loud as I could, but no one listened. in an aristocracy of touch, the deaf are royalty.

the wind listened. as well as it could. constructing its uneasy bridges with the fragile filaments of our trust.

we're fingers that need to feel. we're voices that must scream. we're only alive when we're broken.  rudders adrift in the ocean. anchors bargained to the waves.

told by lost in a frequency cuts. measured by when in fading lanterns. selling the horizon to sober's ugliest extremes.

i couldn't say how close we were. but how far was obvious. i knew the numbers. but the colors were all that i could see.

the empty dresses that spent our dolls. plastic limbs and vacant eyes. abandoned. full of stories we could never tell. ripe with a when never to come.

Monday 8/13/2018 10:48:00 PM

bend the arrow. twist the mountain. there is still perspective to be extracted from empty wells. a thick vein.  ripe of poison. high enough to understand how low it was. a heavy rope. frayed close to breaking. still ample to lift what little remains.

the future. the past. both salesmen. of expired loves. and earnest strangers.

we spun. pivoting on the needle. as time wove its stories. flesh stretched and folded. to accommodate the deepening abyss.

the turn eclipsed our path. miles unraveled. choices swallowed us. the distance within collapsed. and we found ourselves struggling to differentiate the beginning from the end.

turn the paper. crease the edge. at war with the choices that had created us.our shadows long against the summer sun. our fever peaking as we pushed forward in that vacant race.

the silence says enough. the words leave us heavier than we were. bones stumble over their skin. collecting moments in torn paper and empty choices.

the rain groans over the glass. desperate to drown us. the wind stabs at our walls. determined to deliver the cold .

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