Thursday 11/08/2018 11:33:00 PM

the angle winced. as gravity clenched. the ground was soft as we dug into the distance.

a cacophony of  intersections teased. while we consulted our maps. the sharp crackle of dead skin loud as the bridges took us closer.

we tumble. nothing to grab. nothing at all worth holding onto.

a cold lottery of flesh. auctioning each hour. profiting in the turmoil of our discontent.

touch negotiates. friction simmers. it's an ancient debt all skin must assume.

a ladder. neatly tucked under our arms. as the stairs collapse. the sober bottom. the giddy precipice. spoiling for the sliver of light to take us home.

friction sparks. weak infections of want. fumbling toward paradise with eyes still closed. .

the distance hunts. all wounds and panic. hope is a predator. all the puzzle pieces. relentless in their pursuit to fill the holes.

Monday 10/29/2018 10:54:00 PM

the open bridges ached. ragdolls in the storm. as the distance pounded its fists. miles spreading like a plague. our sickness our strength.

the elegant wager between flesh and want exhausted. as her pace quickened and everything else stopped. the wind like razors. her blood all over the path.

the heavy ropes coil. nooses on the void. knots tighten. cages wake. the curious monsters inside us. always tempted, but never sated. the cold burns deeply into our thoughts. thick triggers fire into the kaleidoscope of loss. 

our truths are colors. our questions are numbers. they never satisfy each other. the edge is soft. but it's always the center that collapses.

fumbling for missing keys. weighed down by lingering locks.

10/22/2018 11:02:00 PM

the distance expired. as the miles devoured her. the wind shoved. the sun whispered. of winters to come. of summers eclipsed.

she jumped. negotiating with gravity. falling peacefully. as the bottom effortlessly swallowed her.

she ran. chasing the horizon. the fundamental protagonist. neither victor nor victim. just a small scratch on the window pane of progress.

how softly we surrender. circumstance much louder than choice. the colors of the angles stalled. as the vertices confess. flesh like rubber bands. touch like vinegar. as the moments collide. and the intersections collapse.

no windows on the glass. no doors on the locks.

just footsteps. and the places they collect.

Wednesday 10/17/2018 11:34:00 PM

the blanket tore and the cold found its way in. the creases in the map collecting the rain. as she struggled to determine which direction to take.

there were plenty of zippers to open as we pretended to know each other. stalled at any number of intersections. there was little skin. but so much below it. the fury of possibility erupting. hope's inevitable apocalypse.

i've seen the end walk away in silence. corners split. rafters fallen. run, limp and crawl. it never stops. there's always more horizon.

it seldom has a name. it rarely has a face. still we recognize it. that cold that travels on the wind. the echo that lingers in an empty dwelling. the lights left on.

the truth lined up like dominoes. gravity grinning.

10/10/2018 12:03:00 AM

the shadows stuttered. high on circumstance. the light barked. from the length of its tether. all fangs and self defense. she danced merrily with the wind. even as she knew the bridge would collapse.

she said nothing. and it said so much. the words fell away. and the truth was finally exposed.

the moment simmered. time deferring to flesh. a sharp mosaic of promise without a finish. just flawed lenses and broken bulbs. trying on our empty clothes.

plastic fingers pulling on the sun. painted irises churning on the whims of the weather.

the perfume of her memory. piquant as she tries to forget. the ghosts coalescing at the base of her spine.

the playwright in her breath. the actors in her fingertips. the winter stumbles. and we imagine there is a summer. maybe. eventually. there is.

she trusted her skin. even as they peeled it away. spending her like pennies in a fountain. the frivolous wishes of thieves and con men. still the structure withstood. the valiant rigor of bone and blood.

the miles solved. splinters of how. shards of when. the spoiled equations of coincidence. she wondered what now. all these greedy monsters. all these stubborn corpses. a debt that was never hers. still demanding payment..

Sunday 10/07/2018 11:52:00 PM

the numbers ached. stiff inside their coffins. far was easy. it was close that proved to be the hardest.

time struck its mirrors. trying on the shame in frayed g-strings and wrinkled capes. the math loud. as division collected on its wagers.

i've seen the end walk away in silence. corners split. rafters fallen. run, limp and crawl. it never stops. a broken staircase between when and how.

the lottery of flesh spinning. selling happiness in iou's. the sober parliament of touch. failing  in its attempts to govern broken men.

beginning's simmer in gravity's pot. we chew on the pieces. but the meat on the bone is still raw.

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