Tuesday 5/22/2018 11:27:00 PM

the dead linger. stones and puddles in the folds of expectation. the math fails. dust and ink in the crevices of our despair. life murmurs in the hush of her lips. a distant rumor. tempting us with its seldom truths.

the sky stutters. the wind chokes. a slow race to the finish. where the ribbon has already been broken.

it doesn't wait. it can't remember. time is a predator. the moment kills and quickly devours us.

the miles surrender. ashes and tears collecting in the torn pockets of our want.

we're not alive. not anymore. just smudges on paper. empty pens stabbing the pages.

we're not here. nor are we there. the distance concedes. the journey is spent. wasted on the whims of open sores.

Wednesday 5/16/2018 11:41:00 PM

the sky weeps. solvent of body and mind. the ladder splits. and the sky retreats. a balloon on a broken string. destined for the sun.

it rains. too loudly. as we make our way through the flood. pretending we know where we're going.

the songs continue. much too softly. as we discard our dresses for something more intimate. it's easy to say it's over. much more difficult to prove it.

time betrays. loyal to no one. we climb. on fraying ropes. toward a ceiling of our own invention. the thieves who built these cages.

our bodies the hungry punctuation. in stories untold.

Thursday 5/10/2018 11:00:00 PM

take the path. let it take you. all bridges and thunder. hungry distance. raw perspective. a storm in the crease of your lips. the lingering words. the stiffening panic. as forever slips away in a cataclysm of logic.

this body. a confederacy of want. all needle and thread. as the holes begin to open.

the book has no words. just pages. staling between the beginning and the end. the song has no sound. only these broken instruments we manipulate.

too many places. all fish hooks and worms. as we write our names in the mud. unsure of how the rain will remember them.

Tuesday 5/08/2018 11:53:00 PM

sour spindles on memory's decrepit time machine. leave us counting the decimals in our fists.

the world doesn't seem so small when you're standing on its edge. All fireflies and screwdrivers. As the light bulbs choke. on the remains of our hunger. 

we run. driven by instinct and biology. lonely pistons churning inside a vast machine. going places. always going places we've already been. devouring the miles as they feast on our flesh. 

the hours swim. drowning in the minutes. the road chokes on our progress.hunting for an intersection. or any kind of choice.

the distance is loud. the map is deaf. as the end inserts its syringe. and we welcome the poison.

Wednesday 5/02/2018 01:08:00 AM

the stubborn cold has its songs, though summer's are more coveted. the sun presses the clouds, but the rain still falls. either way, we remain powerless.

the walls are four. more or less. the roof is hot with kittens and streetcars. we wait. for the dialogue to come. instead the curtain closes.

we're not actors, though we do pretend. this isn't theater, though we have roles to play. time's harsh spotlight illuminates our isolation. as we struggle against the weight of context.

love tapers like a candle. allowing the flame to grow. letting it consume us.

we are flesh. ripe with bridges. we are choice. overcome by storm. we measure. we count. we calculate. still  the equations refuse to balance.

Sunday 4/29/2018 10:58:00 PM

the fable lingered. the pages spun. the wind always blew. the sun never set. on the tiny kingdoms that occupy our skin. nor the vast cosmos that populates our touch.

time steeps. in every breath. both liberty and burden. a fever of wants. redoubled by the chaos of when.

choices sour. fruit left out in the sun. dessicated. yet still succulent.

the distance does its calculations. fractions of forever sell their soldiers into the thick of combat. war only understands the dead.

the villain approaches. hands open. weapons discarded. but surrender forsakes them.

so many miles. so little progress.

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