Thursday 1/23/2020 11:54:00 PM

I wondered where we'd been. The memories spinning in their colors. no sound. just the pull of zippers coming undone. everything exposed.

We ran. For as long as we could. swallowing the miles like medicine. though we never got better.

She laughed as I looked in her pockets. Empty as they were.

She waited for the moon to rise. The clouds to come. Hungry for a darkness that had always been there.

We crawled into our skins. Eager to find a home for these hungry skeletons. Rubbing our matchsticks as the spark refused.

It was dark, but we still knew how lost we were.

we dug into the maps. our claws shredding the paper.

we spent our choices on time and hope. we were alive only when it hurt.

1/16/2020 11:35:00 PM

we hit the ground, though we thought we were still falling. perhaps in some way, we still were.

plastic arms and torsos in time's hollow graveyard.

the colors. they simmer and churn. just below the flesh. the angry chemistry of life erupting from inside fading silhouettes.

the moments scorch. all heat and fascination. the unrepentant rebellion of emotion and biology. raw fingers reaching for an ember in a blizzard.

we fall quietly. unnoticed. crippled by the memory of flight.

the years a rabid kaleidoscope of friction and blood.  that simultaneously creates and destroys us.

a long corridor of time machines. each one more bruised than the last.

sometimes gravity lies to us. we think we're weightless. even as we're being crushed.

Monday 1/13/2020 11:50:00 PM

the hours dissolved. like so much sugar into cream. the yellow woke her. stinging and urgent. all her choices opaque. all her decisions septic.

she was years fidgeting with the length and the width. searching for a grander ratio. her umbrella collapsed and the rain gave her its verdict.

the miles don't remember where we've been. nor do the places. we wear our maps like a weighted skin. spending our lives trying to make it fit. the window briefly catches our breath.  a fleeting epiphany. a heavy chest full of grief and indifference.

we're thin pencil marks in the pictures our lives draw. desperate for colors that have no interest in us.

she counts the bruises as she tumbles out of her clothes. all those small wounds add up as flesh builds its bridges

when she bleeds, she doesn't look for bandages. the blood is merely ink for her words.

when she breaks that is what she is.


Tuesday 1/07/2020 12:12:00 AM

we die so often we become accustomed to it happening. our shards sparkle in the sun. while the whole is lost to us.

change comes with open fists and a racing heart. high on the expectation of want.

the bridge waits patiently. simmering in the fever of perspective. eager to infect us. with the fantasy of hope.

it's the little dogs that bark the loudest. it's the empty room that's the most claustrophobic.

we whispered the nothings that would undo us. we pulled the threads through our wounds.

forever gave up and we were left with each other. and the masks we couldn't take off.

strangers with needles too deeply embedded to ever remove.

why weigh the boulders we've been pushing when they've already crushed us.

Wednesday 1/01/2020 11:32:00 PM

the monsters were quiet as we spent our ropes. all our knots coming undone as we worked each other's loops. the anatomy of want crisp in our throats. as the truth vomited all over our words.

we sheltered inside the other's breath. saying nothing. feeling only skin. as dead as we could be and still taste the fire raging between us.

i surrendered. defeated by the moment. content to drown in the shallows of our need.

we took the first turn. the open path solved us too quickly. the puzzle fell away and we were much too real.

we wore each other like soiled blankets. comforted by the weight of the mud.

we searched for a destination. insisting we could see, even as our eyes remained closed.

these paper hearts only burn so long.

Tuesday 12/24/2019 11:58:00 PM

i was running. thinking I'd gone far. i was waiting. imagining it mattered how long.

we touched and we were on fire. then we burned out just as quickly. i have the words to say, but not the strength to lift them.

long, winding roads seduce. we wander. we hunt. for something. we're not sure what. we say. we kiss. we pretend. there is meaning in our selfishness.

time has no memory. it just moves on.

we wear our choices like weights. dragging the truth behind us. we prick each other's skin and marvel at the blood.

we're animals. condemned to the repetitions of our flesh. we're thieves. we steal each other's affection. junkies trolling for our next hit.

it burns just under my skin. that moment. that feeling as we collapsed into each other's oblivion.

broken in all the right places.

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