Saturday 9/24/2016 11:54:00 PM

the words come and go. the roads open and close. knots in the the self carelessly coming undone.

alone makes its presence known. softly it cuts.

the creases in the maps flaunt their places. the epiphany of when stutters. dense with words we never said.

a bridge underfoot. trembling against the wind. an economy of choices. that leaves us poorer yet.

it was never far. it was always there. on the other side of hopelessness.

thieves in our skins. a masquerade of moments. the masks we wear becoming permanent.

we've come so far. and we're still no closer to gettting there.

Wednesday 9/21/2016 02:01:00 AM

the day took her. shadows and footprints too easily spent. a climax of places in a drought of destinations. perspective too long on the horizon. long lines and acute angles too ready to be broken.

the heat wore its halo. ripe with epiphanies. the scrape of purpose not withstanding. petty gods in their heavy robes counting the bridges between when.

we were only young for a moment  and then it abandoned us. orphans of possibility with our nooses made of hope.

the intersections were to permanent. weights at every turn. the colors carelessly collected. simple blades at the throat of every turn. weak enough to bend. strong enough still to break.

Sunday 9/18/2016 11:56:00 PM

the end lingers. dense with thoughts. the metaphor surrenders. bruised and beaten. it begins easily enough. a flicker of venom ignites to a beautiful eruption of chaos. we're spoiled by temptation. younger in our heavy skins.

we're negotiating gravity. bargaining past and present. smaller as we go. shrinking into the clutches of perspective. stubborn orphans of the will to live.

the beginning craves. thick with caution. ripe with grief.

choices fumble. stones against the wind. thoughts like zippers come undone. shallow cuts to minimize the blood.

cause and effect have their debate. flesh and thought have their structure. bridges torn and distance spent. the curious pageant of human resolve. kicking and pulling on the noose's  tightening knot.

it's not mine to take. nor to leave. i simply swallow the poison and wait for the result.

Monday 9/12/2016 11:51:00 PM

even in our most intimate moments. we were strangers.  we were prisoners. we were heroes. we were thieves.

life took us away from each other. choices dug into quivering flesh. evolution betrayed. time is both a tether and a release.

we're frail. crumbling at the slightest friction. we're stone. mercilessly destructive.

the distance that separates us breaks, but it is i who is in pieces. a puzzle hoping you'll solve it.

with you inside me i could feel it.  the spectre of gravity. willing us to fall.

how far can't be measured. how close has no context. so lost in us.

i've never been complete. never known what that is. but in your arms i've glimpsed that place.

Sunday 9/11/2016 02:15:00 AM

soft turns. hard angles. the horizon grins. as it sneaks away. shrinks from our approach. with the remains of our expectations.

i sample the sun and am gladly incinerated.

i am spent well by my solitude. in the debt of touch.

the moments whisper. virulent schemes of the flesh.  the voice is a traitor. the lips are a villain.

gravity stumbles and we are briefly lifted. the string undone. the balloon released to its fate. to be taken by incredible heights. to be destroyed by them.

tomorrow is broken. . the stinger still embedded. as we struggle to determine how deep the poison has penetrated.

Wednesday 9/07/2016 10:55:00 PM

the distance trembled. the miles choked. thick with the oligarchy of emotion. she shed her skin. suffocatting on the moment.

the zipper broke. the naked sold her. piece by piece. to strangers, lovers, enemies, friends.

the choice was loud. but she didn't listen. corrupted by low bridges over diminishing depths. thieves in their thick bandages. bartering blood for simpler assassins.

she took the hour by force. flesh telling its stories much too loudly.  silent of touch.

the bruise lingered. embedded in the bone. long after meat concealed the wound. it remained just below the surface.

hope is a fever from which we seldom recover.

where we go. the map doesn't fail us. we were always lost.

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