Thursday 8/17/2017 11:51:00 PM

the circles sold her. in gracious trembles and ugly rooks. the game constructed of flesh and panic. the world louder than it's ever been. the choices silent.

uneven steps drew the foundation. eager con men manipulated the cracks.

we're not friends. we never were. we're soldiers. we're corpses. in a war that someone else will ultimately win.

we don't love. we never did. we crave. we hunger. a nourishment that doesn't exist.

the corners beat their drums. Pinocchio measures his nose. truth is an enemy of happiness.

Monday 8/14/2017 11:55:00 PM

it was quiet as the world leapt from sunshine to darkness. it was an obvious eclipse. as the future fell apart. all the maps inside us like vultures circling the dead.

it was choice that stung the sharpest. loyalties like old drawbridges left open.

there were the signs. needles left in the vein. the comedy of grief tearing time like paper.

the stab of want. all broken pencils and faded crayons. colorless pictures in the dreams of blind men. the epiphany of predators..the hollow victory of the hunt.

as the meat rots. yet their hunger persists.

Thursday 8/10/2017 01:27:00 AM

long division tells its stories. in punctuation and pauses. soft walls discover their gods in soiled nightgowns and smeared lipstick. paradise is cheap. it always has been.

the body's math is simple. add. subtract. turn a profit.

i pretended to know. thinking eventually i would. truth all cocaine and burlap.

the epiphany of touch not withstanding. chasing the sun in thunderstorms and broken locks.

the days came and went. the nights were persistent.

the turns were loud. the hills were silent. choices like thunder. the storm always so far away. until the moment that it wasn't.

Sunday 8/06/2017 11:33:00 PM

proximity was well spent. on the little crimes. the small betrayals. gravity's delinquent  machinations. loosened the hinges.

empty thresholds. shallow rooms. the barters of flesh. all chewing gum and sewing needles. no politics. just skin. heavy with empathy and Darwin.

walking on the blisters. running on the blades. the technicals of humanity measuring us. by the weight of our surrender. and the void of our struggle.

the evolution of touch. piss and vinegar in the face of the wind. bones buckle under the force of the spin. after all those time machines we held onto proved utterly useless.

humility's conceit turning putrid.

we're never as young as we were when the first plunge of hurt split open our chests. the world was ours. until it wasn't.

we still chase those feelings. though the body is a broken compass.

Saturday 8/05/2017 02:49:00 AM

executing the void. in failing umbrage. purchasing the wind. in debt and cinder. the swell of surrender an absurd comfort. the scrape of resilience louder than doubt's conceit.

i went into the woods. and the woods went into me.

the fickle of time. all pocket knives and misdirection. as the path constricts and the journey is realized.

we're small. pinholes in the distance. elegant poisons. antidotes still undecided.

we don't go all those miles. they take us there. on leashes made of glass. with stones in our fists.

betrayed by the convoluted geography of touch.

persuaded by the quiet wars.

the rainfall is significant. still our thirst persists.

Monday 7/31/2017 11:46:00 PM

the edge is a trespass. the pattern is corrupt. we could name the gods. in every color. children in their fits of chalk. whispering the math. in broken skins. negotiating blood in zippers and shotguns.

the little hills. and the steeper ones. as heavy as surrender.

the obvious lies coat her tongue. in the foul of choices. the simple thieves polish the locks.

the folds meet in a conundrum of possibilities. their skin all vertices. their voices all intersections. the empty spaces tessellating. like the hunger of touch collapsing.

the premise assaults. the wars is burnt roofs and shallow puddles. the poison is humble. the antidote is arrogant.

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