Monday 5/02/2016 11:54:00 PM

we're spent. in a thunder of when. a gorgeous indifference. the cautious colors of surrender. discard their skin. bleeding as loud as they can.

eager wolves gather their menace. like the able predators we have become.

the pistons hum. the engine listens. for fragments of the future. ample thieves fail the end.

sticks and stones build her. from enemies and lovers. the stale evolution of intimacy. borrows her youth. repays her in wisdom.

the contemptible sober. the moment fumbles at the edge of the world. a brilliant chaos. a smothering void. the desolate humanity of a world at war.

the wave accelerates. the fulcrum pivots. we solve for the remainder.

Wednesday 4/27/2016 10:43:00 PM

the end arrives both eager and reluctant. a fistful of gravity between this life and the next. the bridges devour the sky. the distance comes and goes. shallow footprints in time's moist cement.

i told her that she didn't know. she never would. a callous truth that irreversibly divided us.

the road bit down hard. tried to swallow us, but choked instead.

i told her that it was over. had never begun. a choice that left us both brutally alone.

the tense came into play like so much skin. the thinnest paper. the narrowest of edges. the past collecting its beautiful orphans and fits of sober.

i told her that i didn't know. that i'd never even tried to.

gravity came in violent waves. a relentless downhill. devouring any remnants of how close we'd been.

the grief overtook. spending us like broken glass. in small stumbles and lingering bruises. eventually we surrendered to the force of the paradox and became the most intimate of strangers.

Thursday 4/21/2016 01:07:00 AM

the road speaks. without words. just distance. a broken voice. a spent pistol. the clarity of poison. as it clenches upon stray moments. gnarled fingers cheating a smile in the face of a callous wind.

incredulous travellers worn by their path. solved by the force of gravity.

the climb lingers. a gracious wick. infatuated with the flame that burns it.

the journey whispers. in its low voice. secrets hardly kept. spoiled ironies and the stab of forever. as it rapidly approaches. in the wake of an arrogant surrender.

the obvious words. the stumbling breath. as the descent yawns to swallow us. orphaned puzzle pieces flirting with images they'll never be.

small lies blunt the corners. as the edges begin to sharpen. 

Sunday 4/17/2016 02:48:00 AM

it's the end. the featureless void. temples in solvent ink. and the curious monsters who worship.

the trembling miles. dim switches in the shadows. crumble and bleed. time's lazy asssassins whet their blades.

the dirty switch. the struggling bulb. the torn path that chases us home again. empty chambers in the gun. the simple economics of everything lost.

the waning kingdom. tears in the skeleton. folds in the scars. the absolute cost. the future in card tricks and bus strops.

the angle hissed. the atom splits. nothing moves. the ladder trembles. the doorway whispers. we go on. it's the end of the world. and it isn't.

Monday 4/11/2016 12:07:00 AM

the practical abyss breathes its contempt. a grey thief louder than the geometry that spoils it. the wind bleeds. always loudly. at the edge of the flesh. where the bones are still soft, but the choices are hard. simple ghosts in their nervous bedsheets. taking notes on the panic. pretending there is a gap between the beginning and the end.

the temporary kingdoms of reluctant gods. crooked ladders into empty heavens.

the slope has its opinion. the velocity of touch against the perpendicular of skin. missing footsteps that plague every moment. a drum beat. a rhythm as silent as its surrender.

trust is a contagion. it makes us ill.

hope is a disease. we are all infected.

Thursday 4/07/2016 11:18:00 PM

it breaks in the way that all fractions do. haughtily. distlled, cold against the deep bruise of gravity. pouting corners. nervous science. quivering bridges. though the water below is unmoved.

nothing drowns. nor floats. wrinkles in the moment color us in. thieves in top hats and pistols. preparing for the end of the world.

she whispers to the darkness. in words only it can understand. the moment erupts. full of claws and kisses. reticent monsters tying knots in the wind.

the end confesses. guilty for all the obvious reasons. flesh like wagers. and blood like sober. the world ends in little cuts. and lingering poisons.

the stifle of hope as it pretends to know us. little thieves in big boots. chasing expiring promises.

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