Friday 10/21/2016 12:58:00 AM

saturation. that's the pattern. the nervous arc of tentative thieves. colors spending people. in the madness. in the grace. of lovers and strangers.

it's over again. the seldom. the rare. the exquisite scars of genuine desire.

numbers loud enough. places bent and strained. the thrust of memory. the choke of distance. wandering scabs in the miles that corrupt.

we're as ugly as we need to be. as beautiful as we imagine. trembling bridges over darkening depths. fading colors against lisping edges.

corners once sharp. torn open. discarded.

we're only paper and clay. half chewed monsters in yesterday's throat. a temporary canvas for permanent pain.

Monday 10/17/2016 01:32:00 AM

the spectacle of want is the beauty in the abyss.

down there. bathing in the lost. it's almost enough.

the sharp angles boast their blood. the dense paths flaunt their many doors. yet i linger a while. unwilling to choose an exit.

i listen to the hum of gravity as it hunts. spilling hungry moments. and thoughts like confetti.

the sting of the perfect lies we let ourselves tell easily penetrating what little of my defenses remain intact.

the edge is quiet. the surface is dark. everything else is gone.

muscles weaken. it's been a long journey. flesh chafes.

the world is bright and cold and wasted. like i am.

the end comes over and over, but i still i refuse it.

Wednesday 10/12/2016 10:47:00 PM

i wandered. collapsing on the stroke of the horizon. well spent there. both in distance and in depth. salt and vinegar lungs souring with every breath.

the journey found me more than i found it. in small hills and in steep ones. no measures. just the constant weight of every footstep. gain or loss irrelevant. only the scorch of hope and the flood of despair.

even seasoned nagivators get distracted by the detours. we err on the side of choice, but we live in the shadow of want.

children scribbling on the maps that take us nowhere.

nomads chasing far away places. and familiar losses.

Sunday 10/09/2016 11:14:00 PM

it's almost tomorrow, but yesterday is still manic in my head. it's almost tomorrow, but yesterday has already forgotten. the people we were. the moments we had.

there are only the skins. as empty as they've become. there's only the void where we once shared each other.

if i ache, then you must as well. if i fall, you are the edge from which i drop.

if you hurt, then i am wounded. crippled by your absence. destroyed by your love.

the things we want decay under the years let slip.

if you bleed, i am the bandage. if i am broken, you are the crutch.

the places we seek vacant ruins.

it's almost tomorrow again, but yesterday still corrupts.

we can only be what we are. yet what we are still betrays us.

Saturday 10/08/2016 12:43:00 AM

the moment dies in a fury of skin. softly touch submits to lingering glances. swift dolls in hungry parcels. wearing the sun in pillows and paperclips. sagging scars and loose dresses.

it whispers. in the simple panic of when. while i let it suffer. as loudly as it cuts.

an army of soldiers. humbled by their wars.

it stings. needles ripe with choices. it remembers. quietly the sober gives chase. in torn pages and smeared ink. voices lost to circumstance and cowardice.

slouching bridges peddle the horizon in pennies and promises. resolved to the truculent architecture of lovers and friends.

broken skin. solving for sinew. the whisper of gravity. deciding how far we'll fall next.

Tuesday 10/04/2016 11:13:00 PM

i wandered into this oblivion between how and why. and now i find i belong there. the skeleton of a flame  in stiffening darkness.

the words swell in my chest, but i am silent. the distance barks. snarls. bares teeth i never knew it had.

it's far. i always knew it was. still. i kept going. determined to be lost again. the memory told its lies and that's all i needed.

the truth simmers under my breath. foul with whispers never uttered.

there's no measure. no doorway. nor any place i've been.

it's all just windows. hungry eyes peering in. a long series of broken glass. and the wounds
it inflicts.

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