Wednesday 12/07/2016 11:28:00 PM

the empty room. louder than ever. the chaos concealing nothing. the conceit of loyalty. all splinters and stitches. a detour of frailties. circumventing puzzles. the inertia of cost.

life in puddles collecting. the foul labor of indifferent storms. the echo of spent kingdoms. still weighing the loss.

humble. the mangled skeletons confessing. the end of the world wearing slacks. like it never shits.

spending zippers like currency. odd change. the simmering filth.

the vomit on the corner. the piss on the edge. finding us too easily. in the certainty of want.

clarity like heroin.

Monday 12/05/2016 01:07:00 AM

the moment chokes. its throat full of epiphanies it cannot bring itself to swallow. its fists rancid with the remnants of desperately absolute truths.

her depths. her shallows. achingly similar. pennies spent on unanswered wishes.

life comes and goes. in the vaguest spectrum of recurring colors. the obscene indifference of flesh and bone.

sallow bridges constructed from the acrid sweat of discarded lovers.

frail time machines boasting all the brutal paradoxes of hope and reason.

the dull edge scraping. blunt razors probing skin. searching for blood.

the volume of how so loud. as it digs its paths. in the soft soil that still remembers when.

Sunday 12/04/2016 11:00:00 PM

perspective. it has its own rules. for what is far. what is close. distance has its own methods for measuring. lies. truth.

i never pretended to know.

how finely the glass had cracked. how easily the lock could be picked.

i never tried to dispute the paradigm.

that velocity has its own agenda. that gravity has a tendency to be merciless.

life came in waves. in daggers. in crumbs.

no matter my hunger i always left some over for someone else.

it's always heavy buckets or it's empty ones. i never expected different.

perspective is rarely to be trusted..

what's close seems large. what's distant very small.

but it's only a deception.

Monday 11/28/2016 11:43:00 PM

all the weighted metaphors. all the trembling thieves. a little bit of blood. to delineate the path.

 the sober angles. the drunken algorithms. as if we know each other. or ourselves. outside the confines of our despair.

the gradual dissonance. stale flesh. quaking with colors i long thought gone forever.

feasting on all the simple truths that stab so sharply. defiantly removing every scab. embracing the gorgeous ruptures that tore us this path.

the taut velvet of memory. pricking the sharp corners. teasing hope. feasting on the anguish.

swallowing hard. eager to taste.

the spoiling meat. the spreading famine.

Saturday 11/26/2016 12:19:00 AM

deep lines carve the moment. hollow flesh searching for bones.

our words are a curtain. every touch a grave.

it's grey she said. the world is colorless. a scrape of outlines that twist and turn. wearing every breath like a broken blade.

 i'm not there. i never was.

 the empty cautions. the unraveling skins. of obstinate sheep and clever wolves.

 i lived briefly. now i'm dead again.

 it simmers. soft like ripe fruit. easily bruised. it calls my name. pretending to know who i am.

 it's an unfortunate time machine. that's always counting. it's an easy bandage to remove. pretending we've healed.

 time is a vast ocean. and all my choices are stones.

i'd rather drown holding on than survive letting go.

Friday 11/25/2016 12:03:00 AM

the cold arrives right on schedule.

the color fades. the paper rips. too far away is close enough.

the years stutter. loose leaves against the wind.

i remember everything. each trickle of blood. every bead of sweat.

i've always been alone. no one can change that.

i've named every shadow. befriending the darkness. manipulating the sun. because the world is mostly edges. and the center usually forgets.

sometimes in pencil. others in ink. fastening my temporary splints to permanent breaks.

i chased the distance even as it chased me. in adamant collisions. in the hollow needles. still rattling in my veins.

gravity's contrition not withstanding. the last leaf still clinging to the highest branch. of my empty tree.

as circumstance coalesced. as the winter easily imposed itself. on vacant moments.

i stopped running.

and the cold set in.

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