Wednesday 4/01/2020 12:02:00 AM

the earth moves under us, yet we struggle to run on it. I begin again. weaker still. coddling aging muscles. as the miles thunder in my head.

the cold remains. a lingering sore gnawing on otherwise healthy flesh. the darkness is artificially shortened, but still, the light is absent.

flesh simmers. a slow boil. all kite strings and wind. in the arrogance of our choices. incinerated in the pull of the sun. the flowers bloom. the trees open. still everything about us is barren.

time whispers. an ambiguous villain in the stories we steal from chance. all stale bread and burnt sugar. as we pretend to connect.

we run. as if the distance can save us. but the closer we get. the farther away it is.

Monday 3/30/2020 12:17:00 AM

the frigid corners chase the wind. all sober lies and failing zippers. the courtesy of flesh not withstanding.

sour bread and stale candies in the evolution of expectation. the hours fumble with our desires. fraying baskets and leaking buckets solve their losses with empty promises and seldom kisses.

the empty spaces overtake. the moments diminish. miles. so many miles. all placebo and delusion. creases in the map that drown us. places we don't remember that won't let us forget.

the vague monsters that color us. with their beautiful poisons.

choices fall like dominoes.

Saturday 3/28/2020 12:07:00 AM

we dream so loudly that it deafens us. the end comes without contrition. fractured marbles and spent chewing gum.

we live as if life is a possession. something that belongs to us. we spoil in the delusion that what we want is relevant.

when the world ends we'll be standing with the burnt bulbs still in our hands. unable to comprehend why there is no longer light.

when the world ends we'll say it was circumstance. never acknowledging it was our own invention.

the push of the wind is callous as the hills confront. the color of the world is diminished. as we linger in the fantasy that we can still win.

empty the streets. stop the clock. the poison still persists.

we're smaller than we've ever been. everyday smaller yet.

even the wounds that heal. they remember.

Monday 3/23/2020 11:18:00 PM

missing colors. lipstick bleeding from time's kiss. stolen moments. touches staining thirsty flesh. we are all empty locks. the keys vanished.

the small things swallow us. the small things are us. shouting at the deepening abyss.

change releases its boulders. without mercy. we all get crushed.

we wasted millennia believing in things that didn't exist. pretending something larger would protect us. we sold our lives to god and religion. and now reality has come to collect on that debt.

the nothing still whispers. a dying clock in a room without an exit. the roads we travel. they go nowhere. the messages we send. they malinger unread. all rotting fruit in a winter that refuses to end.

our words are all that's left. as our blood and bones betray us. we were strong. until we weren't. we stabbed at the world. with our blunt crayons. insisting we mattered. long after we didn't.

Wednesday 3/18/2020 11:57:00 PM

the hollow embraces. a furtive gesture. more suspicion than comfort.

i taste the wind. full of dense oblivion. equally able to give flight and to swallow us.

they were drowning in whispers of god. as the tide began to shift. arrogant soldiers in a war with circumstance.

judgement day came and went, but no heaven revealed itself. we picked at the remains of our kingdom. rodents lost in a maze of our own doing.

no words. just fingers. and the triggers they can pull. no choice. just the world as it deepens. and those that can still swim.

they never knew how small they were until confronted with something bigger.

Thursday 3/12/2020 11:55:00 PM

softly we went into the eclipse. unsure. as the darkness spread. that the light would ever reach us again.

the picture trembled. slender threads between this moment and the last. tumbled into knots. we would not attempt to undo them. we had found ourselves deep inside their tangled strands.

the sun would shine, but i would fear it. the miles would beckon and i couldn't keep up.

i'd sold myself so many times. i'd never considered the price. i pressed the villains for motive, but none were offered.

we wept. as the years took us closer. we hissed as our past exploded.

we spent the blank pages as the epiphanies eroded.

drowning in the shifting colors.

fiddling with words. raw palms clutching  forgotten stones.

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