Wednesday 11/20/2019 11:58:00 PM

the cold bit down hard. all molars.crushing what was left of tomorrow's skeleton. we were resolute in our amplitude. waves of worry debating the wind. certain of nothing except gravity. as it groaned beneath our fragile bridges.

i've counted the sticks. i've counted the stones. neither ever amounted to much. i've accused the villains. i've comforted the victims.but empathy has its own set of thorns.

we move through our lives. sparks running down their matchsticks. hungry to start a fire. we ignite. at the slightest friction. and die out just as quickly. we're all chemistry and no imagination. always desperate for a tragedy to make us shine.

we choked on summer. so used to the cold. we told our stories in broken needles. addicted to hope. even as it destroyed us.

we simmered in our grief. impotent tangents in the shadow of the hypotenuse. scavenging our moments as starvation began to set in.

Saturday 11/16/2019 11:15:00 PM

maybe it was time that convinced us. to consider the edge. how our words falls off into the darkness. turning every touch into an echo of what we once were.

it must have been the distance that spent us. intimacy choking on nickels and dimes. lost tends to find us just when we think we've reached where we are.

we waded through the thick of our flesh. needles sewing without thread. the storm wearing us. in scabs and blood.

the thieves were familiar as they stole what we'd already lost.

we ran softly. in the shadow of our expectation. souring slowly as circumstance disagreed.  losing ourselves  in the miles meant to find us.

we counted the cages we had constructed. all our want simmering just below the surface. all the  monsters that fill in our hollows.growing restless.

we tipped the pot. it all spilled out.

the colors faded. the noise was gone. we were strangers again.

Thursday 11/07/2019 11:14:00 PM

the oxygen was heavy as we sold our remaining breaths. we searched for profit in the depths of our losses.

compartments. that's what we have. a means to reconcile the fractured whole. illicit bridges between truth and hunger.

their plastic fingers gripped the air. fragile spiderwebs against the wind. heavy boxes full of nothing.

the years lumbered through her veins. all needles. no drugs.  just the prick. the puncture. the blood. all pain and color. and some random vaccine that fails to cure us.

it's the distance that tells us. in stilted adjectives and incompetent thieves. it's lost. it's taken. but it was never ours too keep. we're not victims. we're opportunists.

it's the lies that keep us warm. as the winter closes its fist.

it's gravity that t makes us jump as we approach the edge.

Monday 11/04/2019 11:43:00 PM

the empty staircase wore her well. the small folds humming in her head. a sovereignty of silence. an invasion of words. rampant with all the textures and colors of alone.

she was content to let the weather change. to let it change her.

the slopes were steep. the distance was sharp. all the random blades that solve for want.

the bridge swayed. as gravity asserted itself. we chased the knots in our voices. little dolls searching for their faces.

how far we've gone we don't know.  there's no capacity limit on our willingness to be broken.

we weighed their deflated dresses. as we gnawed on their plastic bones. we assumed youth would finance our escape. instead, we just grew old.

Sunday 10/27/2019 11:12:00 PM

yesterday we were broken. split by each other. blades left to spin. as the tall grass grows brown with winter.

the poison solved us. our hungry puzzles souring in the sun. all of our soft pieces defined by their sharp edges.

the distance lingered. as close as we were. the math struggled to forgive us, but flesh is relentless.

sober was too dense. we couldn't breathe. we couldn't swim. corks caught in the current. while solid land continued to drift.

we stole each other. pillaging the pieces. casual thieves posing as saviors.

dependencies. everything is contingent.the world moves on nature's fulcrum. as we do on each other. the angles spin us. bend us. turn us over. lost little puzzle pieces. minor bits of such a vast picture.

we shuffle. we're dealt. wagered until we're won or lost. all our value in how much we matter to other people.

we're shelter. and we're the storm. too often decided by circumstance.

the doors wonder why. the walls pretend not to see. what the windows have always known.

Thursday 10/24/2019 12:08:00 AM

we lingered in the thinning marrow of our skeletons. counting out loud. as time turned on us. all our big sticks broken. all our pretty dresses soiled. nothing left except that strangers in our head. telling us we're getting closer.

the rain fell softly. the wind swallowed the sun.

the moment gathered its rocks.preparing for the mundane wars we fight within ourselves. no soldiers. just silence.

we reveled in our nothing. gods without a staircase back to the top. telling stories in burnt teacups and broken clocks.

thieves without egress. assassins without an alibi.

we taste the angle. as the corner turns us. it's bitter and it's sharp. all the colors of touch erupting in our flesh. a cacophony of moments  all the needles. all the poison. wearing their best bow ties.

we measure ourselves in choices. plastic fists clutching gravity's heels.

the road festers. beneath our flesh. bent straws plundering our depths. .

we don't say. we couldn't even if we wanted to.

how thin the glass is between us. how slowly the cuts heal.

during. after. in between. .it's the fall that decides us

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