Thursday 9/17/2020 11:18:00 PM

sour candy soldiers wage their impossible wars. all the ribbons discarded. all the boxes crushed. as the gifts fester.under soiled blankets and cracked straws. 

we wait for the world to end. two strangers intimate only by  pills and toothpicks. 

the future whispers. more chemical than measure.

the colors gather. in angles much too sharp. the ladders lean. the bulbs grow dim. we scratch at the map. but all the roads are gone. 

flesh stutters. as it struggles with the math. the awkward division that reconciles trust and want.

we'll never be who we were. if we ever were. we're changed. ghosts in our own skin. everything from now on is all broken glass and dirty linens. . 

skin is an inventory of regret..shallow and quivering against the colors that betray. 

we strike at the bottom. struggling for buoyancy as our own weight drags us down. drowning in dead leaves as the summer inevitably forgets us.

we wear the corners like sparkling gowns. we continue to dance. though the music has stopped. 

deaf to the apocalypse that has swallowed us whole. 

Friday 9/04/2020 11:00:00 PM

 time shivers. bare against the melancholy of flesh. age is purple. a deep bruise at the center of our desire. we live on the precipice of want. chafing against need's handcuffs. 

we crash. waves against credulity's edge. all wonder and panic. as we gather the pieces. we build. architects of nothing..drowning in decaying thrones. 

choice erupts. the ladder buckles. the ceiling collapses..

we fall. kites poisoned  by the wind. high on gravity's venom. we die in every breath. 

chasing the void. as it chases us. 

torn by touch's fickle pendulum. crushed by hope's falling stones. 

we search for our footprints. but the wind has already erased us. 

Wednesday 9/02/2020 12:00:00 AM

 when we were lost we never knew it.  

time's soft ladders. swallowing our steps. memory's melting ceilings. devouring our progress. and hope's empty boxes. desperate for something to save. 

we know nothing and everything. a virus of touch arranging the dominoes intimacy collects. 

intricate patterns. the gorgeous crescendo of collapse. 

the pencil point breaks. the naked ignores. we count the colors. hungry for reason. 

the paper dolls dance. as the wind from the storm yawns. 

all the little lies accumulate. 

until the truth becomes a stranger. 

Thursday 8/27/2020 11:37:00 PM

 the end found us. shivering in our soiled blankets. the rain still lingering. 

our hunger in puddles. as time sharpened its blade. 

the beginning was loud. hysterical corners shouting at the shadows. as the puzzle pieces continued to decay. 

we slept in little tornados. we dreamt in tiny hurricanes.each moment a matchstick perilously close to the flame.

we looked for water in our deserts. we searched for reason in our grief.

all we found were empty cages. and the monsters we'd released.

the end came and went. the sober cutting deeper still. we kept counting.  as time seduced. we fell in love with what might have been. 

we took the pain like medicine. but it only made us sicker. 

Wednesday 8/19/2020 10:41:00 PM

 the moment swells. dense with expectation. the ground trembles underfoot. weighted with expiring choices. 

the distance lingers. long after we come home again. we struggle with the empty needles. as the cure diminishes. 

the missing words. the broken steps. all the heavy puzzle pieces the wear us. 

the thirsty bridges. the hungry roads. all the places that once defined who we are. shattered glass and flooded basements. in a storm that has no finish.

where we go. where we've been. a map more paper cuts than destinations.

how we bend. tilting toward that fickle edge. how we fiddle with all the dials. on our broken time machines. searching for ourselves in empty closets and soiled flesh. 

everything is gone except the realization of all that is lost. 

8/12/2020 12:07:00 AM

 the world ended and we didn't even notice. strangers on a conveyor belt of emotion. the world choked on us. we weren't concerned with saving it. 

time's thieves infiltrate. as youth inevitably slips away. 

the sharper angles come into focus. maps in the self draw the outlines. life fills in the negative space. 

we're paused in our skin. all warm gasoline and fickle intersections. 

we're alive in our coffins. spent nickels and expired jesters. chasing the vertigo of acceptance. 

we spent our choices until they had spent us. our lives like fruit drying in the sun. sweeter as it decays. 

we pivot on our bandages. the wounds loud against so much flesh.

the rain like confetti in our fists. the surface tense as we remember how to swim. 

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