Monday 3/19/2018 11:49:00 PM

the slope took us. the vex of momentum antagonizing gravity. calm and indifferent. as acceleration wove its arrogance into the dense burlap of our psyche.

small magicians in big top hats. shaking their dead rabbits.

the future festers within. poisoning us with a virus of tomorrows.

the intersection approaches. loud and feral. with places and people. and ample claws.

the places fetch us. rudimentary strangers drowning in proximity's allure. seldom found. nor wanting to be. now devoured by shadows and swallowed in sun. awakened by the fire that consumes us.

it was too soon. it was too late. there's little difference

the corner trembles. much too alive. much too real. a lightning bolt in a blizzard. that is when. only one  moment. then it's gone forever.

Tuesday 3/13/2018 12:51:00 AM

the distance yawned. it never tires. only we do. the sun scoffed. the cold is ours alone. memory a long walk into the wind. there is no beginning. no finish. just moments that fall down upon us. as random as raindrops. until we are drenched.

the storms persist. in both heat and cold. we run to stay ahead, but always get caught in them.

we were arrogant. that was our power. unafraid of the train as it barrelled down. we were young. just as everyone is. when they are struck. some recover. most do not.

it's always bright. that's the appeal. after so much time in the dark. to see at last. all those small things. you had always hoped were there.

time is a luxury of the foolish and the youthful. it can't be saved. it can't be spent. it's only meant to be wasted. and that's exactly what we did.

we pulled on those stitches. we tugged on those zippers. we tore everything open any way we could. and marvelled at the blood.

Thursday 3/08/2018 11:23:00 PM

the folds wither. diminishing under the strain of life's architecture. the vertices pivot. convincing each other. of what direction. of how close. the degrees remain constant. though the divisions fluctuate. spent. the choke of the ladder. as the sky slithers deeper into the distance.

the structure listens. exhaling the last remnants of purpose. soft against the fulcrum. as the lever fails. humbled by gravity's verdict. as the ground reaches out to taste our panic. all horsehoes and fishhooks. on the edge of consent.

we might say it was delicate. remember it as we want. but the truth is, it was brutal. wasted. needless.

the paper turns and gives. the patterns fuss. tomorrow calculates. touch borrows against emotion. for pleasure. for hope. for nothing.

everything is echo. a fleeting bolt of lightning as the thunder cracks against our ears. want pouring down upon us. like that first breath oxygen. as we the surface is breached.

we are so small. everything is bigger than us. perspective whispers. quietly strangling. like that last swallow of air rapidly dissipating. as we begin to sink.

Friday 3/02/2018 12:05:00 AM

the layers broke. untamed secrets and lingering debts. the map divined our place. though it was unable to tell us where that is. the elbow accused the fist. and the tongue indicted the lips. as she spun around in her shrinking orbit. certain still that the world would realize she was the center of it.

all the rain. hungrily falling. all the wind. determined to blow. they weren't enough. not even close. all our pieces remained on the board. our dice missing. our turn forfeit.

we dared the edge. confident in our balance. we dismissed gravity. and eventually fell. we loved in seasons. as the last leaves do in the autumn. and the new ones do in the spring.

the paper tore. the book closed. turning choices to suicide. and our words to ghosts.

Sunday 2/25/2018 11:04:00 PM

the velocity comes in sharply. as the moments tumble. one by one. an endless string of dominoes. knocking us down. steep paths in thick mud. falling is progress.

the lingering ratios. loyalty to predation. the simple balance. discipline to expectation.

the highway narrows. still our speed remains constant. we swerve, but collision is inevitable.

the miles make their tick marks in our grief. the stolid cartography that wears these trembling skins. the burden of hope. its inherent betrayal. and lingering consent.

we're only as sure as the deepest cut. we're only alive when all the bandages bloom red. we purchase each other in pieces. placing our bets that whole will come.

we carve our maps in thick scabs. knowing that blood will always take us home.

Monday 2/19/2018 11:54:00 PM

memory is elastic. it stretches. it does not break.

intersections are dangerous. too many people going too many different directions.. all splinters and bent nails. as we fumble toward destinations always just out of reach.

choices are lead. they weigh us down. cause us to sink.

flesh is eidetic. there is rage in the smallest of expectations. there is betrayal in the simplest mistakes. the truth emerges as the architect of our grief.

the walls tremble. the structure rots. destruction suits us. it always has.

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