Monday 8/31/2015 11:51:00 PM

it isn't that way anymore.

 a catastrophe of truth. like confetti shouting at the wind. fickle and preposterous.

it's different. impossible. the delicate distance between casual and intimate. loud and ignorant. immense.

temporary villains. on sparse ladders. in their usual skins. the hours flat.  the distance vacant. the depth unconvinced. except for the stubborn witness of gravity. an epidemic of choices. as contagious as they are impotent.

a vaccine of sickness.

it's simple now. this void is. a stab of skin. a flush of faces. empty magic tricks done too quickly.

there was something. long ago. a percussion of moments. a feeble rhythm that failed us. the arrogant road. the hunble traveller. a quiet ceremony of surrender.

a story. a stranger. the thief within. swelling. biting. feasting on the famine.

8/24/2015 11:55:00 PM

there are passages. they confess us to the pull of gravity. until we are only hungry bruises and dirty bandages. there are journeys. cataclysms of touch. they tear the surface. compel it to swallow us. until lost is a hollow epiphany. somewhere between blood and bone. where the flesh is content to scab. and the wounds puddle. like so much rain on failing roofs.

it's far she says. like a bit of math caught in her throat.

how far he asks. already aware there is no measure.

there are moments. like fists. stabbing at the dark. jagged blades strangling against the void. their smallness so immense. their impotence absolute.

it effortlessly consumes us. our meek pinholes eclipsed. our frail fury rejected.  the flesh evolves in spite of us. and the muscles. and the organs. a cacophony of crippled gods shouting at their broken thrones.

she no longer writes upon it, but she still remembers how the paper cuts. swiftly. deeply. and always unexpected. like love. like sex. like surrender.

there are choices. impetuous soldiers in an arrogant conflict. all broken glass and loose buttons. soft with defeat. and the impossible chaos of learning again. borrowed destinations and natural dead ends.

our tired ghosts. their absent villains.

loss shouts too accurately. hope whispers so vague.

it rains. and we are helpless. spent like the wind. in all the wrong plaeces.

choices are barren. they surrender to the science. melting candles. still loyal to the flame.

Thursday 8/20/2015 12:31:00 AM

the perpetuity of thought. dwindling rain in the corners of her resolve. the moist barrier between this moment and the next. scattered sand. listless sun. in the commotion of want. slender tendrils. time and cause.a sweet sickness. a beautfil defeat.

open bridges. the perpendicular to if. like fresh scabs. bubbling beneath the surface. with hungry blood. and old wounds. simmering. boiling over. scalding hot.

closed roads. bright with defiance. and the warm smother of a familiar path. a template of empty convictions. all jagged outlines. and collateral scars.

spoiled crayons. the colors absurdly confident. against the chaos. the simple box. quiet against the panic. corners like fever. the evolution of the causality. all thunderclaps and stabs of skin. in a deluge of wonder and an apocalypse of addiction.

there is the edge. trembling as it does. the throb of life. flowing with knots. there is the vanity of gods. smudged mirrors. like wreckless  resolve.

her distance is bargained. her miles are spent. on stiff shadows and pale saviors. the infinite chaos of untamed gods.  

the indifferent maps that shame us. trembling loudly. the hideous clowns that spoil us to laugh. when it is dark. and the light has gone out.

Sunday 8/16/2015 11:48:00 PM

it was yellow with want. the color of an anxious world. so softly sudden. and callously lost. bright raindrops in the cut of the sun. the traffic stopped. idled listlessly. burnt branches on a disfigured tree. the careless road map of lovers and thieves.

the miles took her. a harvest of flesh. their hunger loud. quivering fists in fractions of epiphany.  the road swallowed her up. like so much meat. a confection of bone and blood. a lie that doesn't know it is.

it was sparse with temptation. just barely enough. she sunk into the enormity of  world. like thick blankets. to let them smother her.

angles and divisions proffering their hypotheses. in cracked coffee cups and broken shoe laces.

when had always confounded her. if had never made much sense. but now. now was incredibly aggressive.

the choke of the road stiffened. too far she thought as she went further. gravity's bile bubbled up inside her. the intersection yawned as she approached.

u-turns are to be expected.

just one more traveller pretending to know where she's going.

Wednesday 8/12/2015 11:39:00 PM

she wore her utopia in faded t-shirts and bleached dungarees. a callous ceremony of lacquer and vitriol. the distance grew fond of her. the spoiled chemistry of loss. and the quiet apocalypse of want. no colors. only the outlines. as the graves vomit their ghosts. time stumbling backward in a defiant surrrender. no flesh. only bones. the desperate arithmetic of the impotent gods. .

she took her turns slow and deliberate. stiff cunt. loose tits. a woman of choice in a world of ifs.

the seasons solved for when. crooked pedestals for any number of epiphanies. shakey ladders for any consolation of sins.

the abyss adjacent to the pinnacle. as it has always been. the absurd calamity of touch. its eager catapult trembling with expectation. its nervous aim bright, but broken.

the world approached. as it usually did. in lingering hiccups and hollow pauses. its wrinkled maps and indifferent treasures as lost as they've ever been.

the laugh of the wind. the slap of gravity. in the miles that bite down. devour what remains of our moments.

we are small. diminished. all teacups and sugar. struggling in the sour of choices. stories pushing against the wind.

we are pennies. cast off to fountains. the rigid poison of sober spoiling every wish.

8/05/2015 11:41:00 PM

the miles overtook her. simple gods in their hollow underpinnings. flesh solved for its mediocre humanity. speed divided by distance. the chaos of patience juxtaposed to the surreptitious pathogen of hope.

disease is inevitable.

panting dogs. feral strays. the crumbling architecture of humanity. simple signs and complex conditions. lighting fires on the sun. drawing pictures of the epiphany. the terrible precautions of hunger and wisdom.

she loved him softly. hard was all he understood.

voices like stones. below the surface. the water is still. everything else is restless.

the moment like rain. the simple autonomy of sober. folded paper. broken pencils  little dolls. no scissors. just lines. to follow. the gyroscope of antipathy that measures how deep the hole has become.

the curious path. the obvious reasons. all things eventual. the practical lover. the irrational thief.

because it's always stolen. regardless of what it was.

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