Thursday 2/14/2019 11:29:00 PM

the hours spent themselves. in safety pins and yarn. fiddling with the margins as the edge of the paper tore. her touch was a staircase. her memory a storm. all the math. all the history. wilting like discarded party favors. the monsters and the heroes. fussing over broken potato chips and empty soda cans.

the bridges debate the water below. theories of drowning in chocolate and flowers. it's over. or isn't it. this hollow compunction to quantify the hole.

time's clumsy blade. sawing on the flesh. searching for the meat hiding beneath the surface.

touch's nervous sprint. all finger paints and crayons. in the crook of tomorrow's dress. the thoughtless muse. the deceitful patron. as sober slips its needle in.

her silence a puzzle. the miles evaporate. in a stunning abyss of consent. choices dissolve like ice. as wanting finally finds its end.

Wednesday 2/06/2019 11:41:00 PM

it was as loud as she had imagined. the geometry of touch. the algebra of choices. threading through her skin. too sober to trust.

the slope surrendered. gravity won. gladly, i fell.

it was cold. cold enough to make us forget. how hot is once was.

the numbers spun their stories. the math held its breath. we blamed the depth. but it was the distance that spent us.

the years accumulated at the back of our throats. like so much sickness. we pretended time was medicine enough.

we lost sight of the sun as the winter approached. but we never stopped looking for it.

Monday 1/28/2019 11:35:00 PM

time limps on broken feet. we run. but still are unable to keep pace. the wind pulls at our backs. fastening its weights. momentum moves us forward. still we stagnate. on the whisper of hope that sickens every breath.

there's a penny in the road. but we don't bend down to pick it up. instead we leave it for someone else. imaginging a stranger's path that follows our own. i drown in a panic of humanity. everytime we touch.

the cold insists as we make our progress. remembering in pencil marks and dog eared pages. we've been here so often. yet still, we forget. the strike of surrender. as it thunders through our skin.

we scrape the sky. our thoughts like chisels. carving words from the heavy silence.

i was there. i do recall. though it's distant now. i wouldn't go back. even if i could. it was a toxic paradise. when poison was the only nourishment l i could accept.

we'll always be strangers. regardless of how close we are.

Thursday 1/10/2019 11:16:00 PM

the edge was ours. a gorgeous temptation. we curdled in gravity's grin. mirrors in the darkness. envying the moon.

the pendulum tumbled. time was ours again. we devoured all its broken candy and sour milk. hungry still.

the air shook. we named the monsters after ourselves. wool faces scratching at tomorrow's glass. plastic teeth chewing on yesterday's neck.

lies run. the truth limps.

we wanted both, but one was all we were permitted.

the moments arrived on crutches. and each one we tried to heal.

but the sickness was the bulk of us. without it we were nothing.

Monday 12/31/2018 11:30:00 PM

the hour pulls on the small stitches that the hold the edge. time turns sour. memory tries to sweeten it. skin like honey. touch like vinegar. we fumble with the balance.

the winter whispers. the cold coos.

tomorrow auctions our flesh as yesterday gnaws on our bones.

we throw our poison into the boxes. and ponder what might be dead. we tally the intersections. and try to imagine where we're going.

we count the days. the years. attempting to mend. it's the needle that facilitates. but it's the thread that resolves the holes.

the miles melting under our gait. more arithmetic than epiphany. more dandruff than poetry. the biology betrays. the physiology confounds.

still our hearts remain tissue paper. even as our skin turns to stone.

Sunday 12/23/2018 11:50:00 PM

yellow clouds press the blue ones. it was gone again. that devious fever of euphoria and salt. we were weighted by touch. and now the knot had failed. time bit down hard. and our moment was over.

the wind labored. shuffling our ghosts. accepting our wagers. we were just on the verge of too young. tramping our stories. discarding our heavy compasses. content to wander.

the pavement hummed. the air was feverish. pleasure shook us. we threw our moments. stones that danced briefly over the surface.before disappearing below.

the wind paused. the cold sighed. the empty refrain of paper dolls. wearing the sun like lipstick. dancing on the pinheads of our hope.

we chased the horizon. stumbling over our the crumbling bridges of our own construction.

the con was long. we gathered our funerals and our nooses. and made our way toward the exit. we met the sum in pieces. skin and bone boasting equations it could not solve. epiphanies lingering. as the lights dimmed. on empty stages. and torn curtains.

measuring the dark in filament and friction. drowning in the chemistry of want.

flesh and long division draw the maps. but it's touch that shows us where we are.

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