Saturday 7/04/2020 10:42:00 PM

death is a fickle mistress. 

all the tenderness dissolves. all intimacy inevitably decays. 

we flood the void with guilt and panic. yet, empty is how it remains.

the maps in our skin tend to get us lost. the ones in our heads are no better.

we're so small. it's just that everything is smaller still. so we don't have any perspective. 

the colors tangle and the words go missing. blood is always a stranger. 

the angles sharpen. time hesitates. 

we're always alone when it hurts. nothing can penetrate that barrier. 

Monday 6/29/2020 11:03:00 PM

the years like smudges on our lips. we're stained. we're kissed. drowning in our stumbling songs. dancing to our broken music. orphans. all of us. alone. from beginning to end. 

too far again. swallowed up in the distance. pummelled by the wind. i listen for a murmur of choice in a world that doesn't seem to know when. 

the clock trembles. feverish with our grief. her body is sick with the time that sours inside her flesh. 

we envy gravity. its stern resolve as the edge approaches. 

we call it life. but we know it isn't. 

the corner turns us. and we're lost again. 

Thursday 6/25/2020 11:26:00 PM

small cuts grow. the blood reminds us. how fragile we are. 

the monster yawns. swallows us in its sleep. 

she's trapped inside herself. all broken locks and crumbling staircases. 

i was someone, until i wasn't. that's the paradox. time strikes us like matchsticks. sudden flames. that smolder in the shadows of our lives. lights we can see, but never reach. 

we negotiate with circumstance. from our broken pulpits. wagering skin. spending thoughts on permanent markers and broken locks. 

wearing our weakness in a kaleidoscope of grief. as the world plunges its needles deeper. until the only thing we can feel is the end

we're never so small as when we're waiting for something to change.

the zipper bites down. the door closes. but through the window i still see her tears. 

Friday 6/19/2020 11:05:00 PM

our voices melt in the sun. she treads the oceans between us, but I can't rescue her. 

time draws its diagrams in our hearts. all of life's random detours. and the familiar paths that lead us back to where we belong. 

her words burst. balloons too close to the atmosphere. i tug on the strings, but the wind rips them away. 

we're pieces afterall. that's how we start and how we eventually end. 

strangers in familiar faces. drowning in each other's ghosts. we wait. for changes that don't come. we hope for relief that was spent long ago. 

we linger in the remnants of our reality. paper left out in the rain. all the moments disappearing.  blades against the vein. desperate to and terrified of drawing blood. 

we're pictures before we're words. hunting the flesh of memory with daggers and stones. we're animals in our cages. the key tied to our throats. 

the closer we get. the more alone we become. 

Tuesday 6/16/2020 10:36:00 PM

the tunnel opens to the rain. the wilting staircases we climb still leading us downward. 

we're desiccated by time. brittle remnants of the strangers now residing in our skin. i shrug off the blood, but the pain still connects us. the drizzle in our thoughts that dampens. the sun on the horizon that is always moving further out of reach. 

death pretends. we're spoiled by its broken promises. 

we take the long roads that ultimately take us. we wander. searching for something we know isn't there. we bite the wind. as it stabs and grieves. we chew on what is gone and tremble at what we are left with. 

what we have lost defines us. puzzles of the flesh that still linger unsolved. 

time undoes those knots. but the ropes never forget. 

6/09/2020 11:21:00 PM

the small pieces define the whole. single droplets gather to create the storm. 

we stumble over our expectations.all ink. no paper. we devour those bridges. hungry to change. 

when words eventually fail us. it's only flesh that remains. the thunder of her pain. the whispers of her love. 

life is thrust upon us. we're thrown into its quicksand. life is a weight that drags us down and an engine that drives us. 

she was tired. but not tired enough to die. she waited. wondering how hard it would be. her thoughts strangled in illness. her choices poisoned by time. 

we grieved. our pockets heavy with fading memories. we laughed. forgetting the future for a moment. 

the small pieces pausing briefly. to let the storm subside. 

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