Tuesday 3/21/2017 11:41:00 PM

the world ends easily enough. a little bit of broken glass. a lot of questions. the atoms split quietly. chiming on the base of their power. her breath all knuckles and fists. chewing on the remainder of how. we ever got this close to the sun.

hills and flats. years and months. all the strangers inside our skins. boasting our bridges. wearing our crutches.

we briefly pretended to know each other. arrogant maps drawn on instinct and panic. intimacy a series of intersections searching for a signal.

it seemed reasonable at the time. the conundrum that fueled us. a soliloquy of dynamite and an audience of matches.

it was enjoyable. the spectacle and the madness.

places always feel so far away the first time you go there.

i kept going. even after the road ended. flesh is stubborn. distance is patient.

but the map is merciless.

Saturday 3/18/2017 12:00:00 AM

static kingdoms resonate. the machine chokes. full of fists and thieves. and all the empty bottles that youth collects.

the moment stumbles. the hours measure. the eternity in each sigh. the enormity of every small touch. the frequent bridges that take us there and leave us stranded. in places to visit where we were never meant to stay.

the edge of the fire. a grin of ash and a snicker of burn. choice like a rampant  fever tumbling  through my veins.

the untold mechanics of passion and rot. that auction our skins to the highest bidder and leave us bankrupt.

a perpetual paradox of wolves with their fangs turned inside out.

Monday 3/13/2017 11:50:00 PM

the seldom whispered. virulent with paradoxes. she wore the journey in razors. and her choices like bandages.

her happiness a brief eclipse.barely there. then gone again. a bridge of ice cracking under with weight of winter.

tomorrow unwilling. unable to exceed. the limitations of egg shells and syringes. the quiver of memory like raw yolks. the intensity of want distributing its careless medicines,.

there is no measure of miles. no span of bridge. ample to decide how far we've gone. how steep the descent.

only a garrsion of grief. like soldiers steeped in war. only the heavy weapons of loss. that pretend to know our scars. .

Friday 3/10/2017 12:33:00 AM

the ambivalent cold faltered against the wind. stones scraping the surface. as everything else is sinking.

the flesh stuttered. the math choked. on so many fractions. we're only pieces when we hurt. deeper dug the divisions. until the smallest fragments felt whole.

the obvious arithmetic of pain continued to draw its margins. close to every edge. the fever of broken dolls and panicked thieves. the ugly art of lies gradually swelling with color.

pages spent. in eloquent fictions. hours worn in cracking masks. gravity is blind. distance is deaf.

such is the purgatory of failing friends.
it's cold. the geometry of when. a crisis of if. a surrender of why.

Wednesday 3/08/2017 12:34:00 AM

we were nowhere again. ripe in our spoiling flesh  desperate for purchase on the edge of our hunger. not falling. gravity forgotten. in the swell of famine.

i'm counting she confessed. the numbers go on. without a clear beginning or an end. long tendrils in the sway of the wind. a fickle calendar of what lost was, is, has become.

the road bent. in the way that it does. torn hems on long dresses. chasing the angles left. the distance chewed. bit down as it is given to do. always ready for the meat. undeterred by the blood.

i wouldn't try to know. or pretend that i ever could. where we went or the places where we started. i can find the lies. if i choose to look.

but there are no victims in matters of love.

only choices. louder than they've ever been. and so many zippers coming undone.

Thursday 3/02/2017 12:53:00 AM

the quiet savage of time wasted its claws. on dead meat. on sour blood. a shallow of scabs in an ocean of skin.

like the snow. it falls silently. accumulates slowly. but soon we are stranded. powerless. in the subtle rage of things lost. in the terminal ache of daring to want.

empty staircases. wincing under the weight of our momentum. closed doors. scraping against the reach of our accumulating debt.

lies told in earnest. skins too easily slipped.

the bridges breathe. monsters fouling from the depths of our consent. fingers sour with the cold arithmetic of choice.

simple thieves too ready to complicate obvious trespasses.

trust. spent like matches. devoured by its own appetite.

love like fingertips. barely touching the edge.

we tremble. palms up. catching the stones. a storm of numbers. a bankruptcy of flesh. our voices merely pebbles. so small against the deficit.

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