Tuesday 5/23/2017 01:39:00 AM

the rain was sufficient. the well was dug. soft ampersands spent our choices. wet slippers under the bed and cold pots left on the stove.

flesh is a merchant. a peddler. acutely in need of profit.

there's always a way there. there's usually a detour. a picnic of skin. a murder of faces. miles to go. no surrender.

let the shimmer slip. press down on gravity's thigh. all the messy words that tell us we're still living.

names she took. voices she manipulated. it was so loud. until it wasn't.

Thursday 5/18/2017 12:51:00 AM

take the rain. wear the sun. reluctant thieves in fumbling intersections. divide the rope. split the skin. in anxious numbers. that still pretend to know the whole.

chase the ladder. level the slope. bargain with the wind. for the miles that claim to know us.

thread the needle. find the knot forgiving. like so many scars that once were blood.

we chase the road. loud enough to surrender. to the yellows and the reds. driven by the practical apocalypse of broken hearts.

the bandage curls. tight with infection. the sickness boasts  its colors. all hope and pus. raw meat spoiling inside a cold oven.

Wednesday 5/10/2017 11:26:00 PM

the power spent. in brief encounters and lingering pin pricks. shadows evinced. void of medicine. 

the slope incredulous. a spectacle of touch. louder than it is confident. 

blunt pencils shake their fists at the colors. the theater of freedom. like caterpillars and arachnids. the cold equations of loss. the manic dividends of want. 

gravity is weightless. we are not.

the path chokes on perspective. a heavy bucket. full of holes. a certainty desperate for doubt.

the flood. moments drowning in hope. until we are broken again. the desert. a welcome wasteland.

the strum of the journey. as it picks at old scabs. complicating the simple wounds. we always forget the colors. but the angles are too deeply embedded.

the fork divides the road. the choice divides the man.

like glass, we shatter.

Saturday 5/06/2017 01:48:00 AM

the yellow darkness quickly sold her. all iou's and small change.

the sky was low. so close you could almost touch it. the world hummed. a ticking clock. erupting with moments. she didn't know how far. though the pinpoint on the horizon articulated it well.

the smaller calamities. those are the ones that define us. blunt pencils persudae the paper. in thick words. the ravenous animals of the flesh. the simple cages we use to try to tame them. all rusted bars and broken locks.

the hideous souvenirss of happines. that linger. like dirty syringes. long after the medicine is spent.

the hours stumble. like skipping rope. empty  corridors solve for zero.

Tuesday 5/02/2017 12:16:00 AM

into the wind again. as we spoil for direction. foul with empty epiphanies. the journey withering. frail against the churn of confession.

proximity betrays. and we are lost again. drowning in the dpeths of expectation. biting the corners. suffocating under the heft of the surrender.

there are no doorways. only broken windows. ragged dolls. splintered smiles. the lazy monarchs of bone and blood.

simple thieves. take the obvious. chasing the tether. perspective means to defy.

her body whispers of outlines desperate for color. her voice trembles with truth's sharpest knives.

Thursday 4/27/2017 12:37:00 AM

the rain comes and goes. the clouds remain.

the edge bites down. loud bridges over quiet waters.

the dark stutters. a triumph of skin and bone. too many stories. not enough heroes.

time's grace is fickle. steep staircases that end in sober. long shadows spilling into the fading sun.

daylight comes and goes. the cold remains.

we wear each other. loose margins negotiate touch. intimacy presses down hard. but the creases fade.

the slope eases into focus. we're attached. by the inclined plane. by the axis. and its helical leash.

the gears of the ache. turning. grinding down the shame. until only the flesh is free. and it runs wild. like an animal uncaged.

the heavy math of proximity. counting too hastily. the accumulating deficits of the heart. the diminishing wealth of the hope.

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