Wednesday 4/18/2018 11:02:00 PM

turned by the corner. worn by the war. in splinters of skin that fester in the creases of our want. too small to see. too big to ignore.

moments are all she knows. the hum of yellow in a sea of red.

the bite of time in the pinch of the wind. as the weather solves us. like little puzzles with far too many pieces.

the end's limp parade marches forward. heavy with the specter of consent. paling against the math of when. dragging its empty baskets. hauling its weighted nothings. pressing the buttons on lingering scars.

the cold's sour candy still sticky on summer's lips. as the sun peddles its tired stories. life stumbles. over the stones we call love. bruised and shaking. in a fury of touch. as loud as it is deaf.

Sunday 4/08/2018 11:14:00 PM

the fold reverses. angles pierce the shadows. cutting their path through the darkness.

wearing choice in seldom dimensions. the hours accumulate like bent ladders. the years all broken matchsticks.

the winter lingers. longer than expected. skin tells its stories. in stabs and sobs. weapons come and go. predators persist. in the sour of dawn. as it steals the warmth from our beds.

it's an ugly journey. from where we are to where we're going. it's the fickle loyalty of flesh. that confounds our melancholy.

the world yawns. bored with our chaos. disgusted with our arrogance.

everything equivocates. idling madly in the wind. everything is stagnant. except the divisions.

Wednesday 4/04/2018 11:46:00 PM

tell me how we were once that young. so small that everything we touched was so much bigger than us. tell me the truths that gave us courage. tell me the lies that let us believe them.

in the grim of conceit. we spent those moments. the sober of flesh not withstanding. as each storm arrived with a fresh flood.

in the shadow of the bridges. the path broke. fell away from the traffic. the small needles. the straining threads. of a hesitant summer. and the body's reluctant consent.

it's the steep slope that we climb. it's the shallow puddle that drowns us. it's the choice that tempts us. the decision that defines.

a long war of empty consequence. wears her skeleton like an ill fitting gown. the hours dance. ugly with the promise of when.

choices. like daggers. pierce her heart. the dead have their whispers. the living have their scars.

Sunday 4/01/2018 11:04:00 PM

it's cold again. the way it used to be. silent and small. on the fingertips of surrender. in the fist of rage. we don't really remember, but we're still unable to forget.

some years it's always winter. some seasons there's nothing but rain.

we don't know. we never have. what it means. what we think it should. our paper grins tear too easily. our plastic hearts always break.

the sky falls and we try to catch it, but it's much too heavy. time races and we struggle to keep up, but it's much too quick.

we're searching for corners on a circle. bargaining with distance for more of the same. writing love letters to scavengers and thieves.

it's still cold. somethings never change.

Wednesday 3/28/2018 11:03:00 PM

the storms came and went. plentiful and arrogant. we should've drowned. instead, everything esle did.

a tick on the hilt of our sword. gorging on the blood of our triumph. a syringe in the vein of our darkness. whispering truths i'd thought dead.

we wasted years pretending to know. who we were. would become. chasing a reason that doesn't exist.

churning inside our boxes. waiting for the poision to deploy. simulatenously alive and dead.

struggling to differentiate.

idling in our indelible fictions. anxious for the world to catch up.

winter stalled on the last page.

Monday 3/19/2018 11:49:00 PM

the slope took us. the vex of momentum antagonizing gravity. calm and indifferent. as acceleration wove its arrogance into the dense burlap of our psyche.

small magicians in big top hats. shaking their dead rabbits.

the future festers within. poisoning us with a virus of tomorrows.

the intersection approaches. loud and feral. with places and people. and ample claws.

the places fetch us. rudimentary strangers drowning in proximity's allure. seldom found. nor wanting to be. now devoured by shadows and swallowed in sun. awakened by the fire that consumes us.

it was too soon. it was too late. there's little difference

the corner trembles. much too alive. much too real. a lightning bolt in a blizzard. that is when. only one  moment. then it's gone forever.

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