Thursday 5/19/2016 11:33:00 PM

the words breathe. the paper creases.

the weather flaunts its whispering fangs. a catastrophe of skin. sour with irrevocable choices. the simmering conflicts of threshold and conviction. a pantomime of dead things.

she spent the road. a currency of solitude and indifference. she collected her wealth. in isolation and apathy. negotiating with the wind. as the storms came and went.

dancing to the hum of the soldiers. as the war insisted. coloring in the silhouettes as the future slouched toward its inevitable end.

the curious discipiles of schrodginer selling their stories to the highest bidder.

the posion in the box remaining a vague reminder. of the dwindling distance between chaos and consent.

an hyssterical repetition in the futility of flesh.

Monday 5/16/2016 02:05:00 AM

it starts without warning. parameters of skin fluctuate. a consensual isotope. a vague bit of rain in a long pattern of thunderstorms. we are stranded. drawn like lazy needles from the monster's trembling arm. a fever of pathos working its sickness on simple gods.

he was missing. as he tended to be. a parable of indeterminate morality. he shot the tortoise and skinned the hare. trying desperately not to want to win.

old came and went. abandoned rest stops on an unkempt highway. the map made its own plans. places took him. like weak medicine. a paradox of sickness. as much cure as it is infection.

she wandered. as lost always suited her. she found everything. except herself. hopelessly tethered to the sun.

it's a pattern. the scope of how. the brittle of when. dispensing flesh in doses. collecting miles like medicine.

the practical apocalypse. in the smallest conditions.

she finds the end of the world. it's not far at all.

Thursday 5/12/2016 02:24:00 AM

seldom choices linger in the catastrophe of our happiness. we struggle to remember places we've never been. the moment stiffens. we feel in the darkness for that switch. imagining we could ever see. or had ever crossed that quaking bridge.

the scab opens. the blood rushes out. the world tumbles in. we grin and chase the stitches. unwilling to heal.

he whispers of monsters inside himself. vandals and thieves wage their conflicts under his skin. he is weak. fragile. like a soldier. hungry like a whore.

the pieces reach out. connecting at their jagged corners. defeating the math. but losing the war.

she names the edges. negotiating with the apocalypse. choices suffocate. bridges shiver. she kisses the wind. and it beats her.

the world arrives like rubber bands. stretched thin. ready to snap. she measures the distance in broken zippers and random stop signs. it was never so far as when she went looking for it.

Monday 5/09/2016 01:17:00 AM

the numbers simmer. the hours reticulate. skin like soldiers. touch like war. she turns to face the geometry of when. all her defective monsters pause. wet, but still waiting for the bulk of the storm.

it all moves closer. a static dilation of the parallel. heavy fists, though they're empty. brilliant colors though the world is grey.

the sky is forgetful. the wind impatient. the distance measures her progress in all the wrong increments.

she takes the corner and is taken by the momentum. her movement chews and swallows. hungrier still with every inch.

the math doesn't calculate. the science cann't explain. how we are convinced to go. nor how we to these places.

there are only the angles. as obtuse as they've always been. and the treasure maps they discover under our skin.

it's too simple she says. paper cups in the rain. puddles in the sun. it all disappears as quickly as it came.

the steps confront her. in the awkward perpendicular of words and flesh. reason falters. arrogance betrays. all that remains to save her is gravity.

5/02/2016 11:54:00 PM

we're spent. in a thunder of when. a gorgeous indifference. the cautious colors of surrender. discard their skin. bleeding as loud as they can.

eager wolves gather their menace. like the able predators we have become.

the pistons hum. the engine listens. for fragments of the future. ample thieves fail the end.

sticks and stones build her. from enemies and lovers. the stale evolution of intimacy. borrows her youth. repays her in wisdom.

the contemptible sober. the moment fumbles at the edge of the world. a brilliant chaos. a smothering void. the desolate humanity of a world at war.

the wave accelerates. the fulcrum pivots. we solve for the remainder.

Wednesday 4/27/2016 10:43:00 PM

the end arrives both eager and reluctant. a fistful of gravity between this life and the next. the bridges devour the sky. the distance comes and goes. shallow footprints in time's moist cement.

i told her that she didn't know. she never would. a callous truth that irreversibly divided us.

the road bit down hard. tried to swallow us, but choked instead.

i told her that it was over. had never begun. a choice that left us both brutally alone.

the tense came into play like so much skin. the thinnest paper. the narrowest of edges. the past collecting its beautiful orphans and fits of sober.

i told her that i didn't know. that i'd never even tried to.

gravity came in violent waves. a relentless downhill. devouring any remnants of how close we'd been.

the grief overtook. spending us like broken glass. in small stumbles and lingering bruises. eventually we surrendered to the force of the paradox and became the most intimate of strangers.

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