Friday 2/12/2016 12:12:00 AM

the edge of the world spent her. like tarnished pennies. time made its pencil marks. drawing loudly in the darkness. broken lines. colorless thieves. stealing nothing of consequence. tall ladders. choke on the height. the snicker of gravity in every step.

deep wells measure light in fractions. in memories of the surface. the relativity of sight. in echoes of the depth. the usual culprits.

the aptitude of flesh. in footsteps and rain. the chew of skin. as the skeleton bites down. the sweat of kings. in a feast of panic. choices like a fever.

temptation's sour catalyst. wrinkled scarecrows and expired poisons. clutch the math. divisions of how. draw their imperfect maps. in dead skin.

tender monsters on the fulcrum of when.

Monday 2/08/2016 03:31:00 AM

simple sugars spent her. quiet leaps consumed, the minor incline that raised these crimped soldiers. there's only so much distance. only limited breadth. we scrape the corners and try not to think about the sharpest edges.

it was raining again.

she'd already engaged the mountain. and found the top less than spectacular.

there was a science to it she knew. though the intricacies were murky. there was time. like a needle looking for a vein to corrupt. to perpetuate its bitter wisdom.

she was walking. the traffic far below. she was too high. afraid to look down. and face the panic of skin and bone.

it's a carousel she explained. an economy of dead circles.

it was cold, but nothing was freezing.

her path narrowed. her maps conceded.

she finally arrived, but it wasn't the same place she'd been.

a rush of sober. simple heavens. soft enough to fool us. the fickle nature of paradise. the lazy arithmetic of skin. unravelling loudly. to the waning march of surrender.

Thursday 2/04/2016 02:25:00 AM

the bridge choked. constituents of gravity. embraced the panic.

fractions well spent on anonymity and shame.

the numbers chose. its loyalties to the deficit. empty antipathy and the appropriate chaos.

sudden suns and seldom winters. the limp of likely ghosts. the arrogance of resonant toads. all the official congress of quivering lips and knotted bow ties.

she read the distance in pistols and butter knives. she bit down. as if there was substance in any of it.

the darkness began to sweat. mealy and overripe. the moment started to piss. and she knew the math had lied.

Tuesday 2/02/2016 12:35:00 AM

in the dusk. in the place between where we are and where we've been. the evolution of want. in spoiling blisters and chafed skin.

perfect distances pretend to see us. imagining patterns in the calamity of touch. defective dolls with microscopic hammers. banging on mountains.

in the morning. before we are divided and spent. there's still something resembling a whole. full of colors and venom and opiates. a confection of skin. more trial than evidence.

an array of decisions. simple slopes. difficult math. solving for naught.

we are linear. little screws shouting into the wind. chased by the shadows we pursue. a needle left in a vein. a bottle on the the edge of the table. all the wars we wage within ourselves.

seldom she confesses. from within the fold of her time machine. the equal division of paradise that is ours to manipulate. the collapse. the simple fluidity as the axiom insinuates. slow moving numbers through the inflated expanse of why. our eventual leap. gravity's inevitable betrayal. a perfect thief.

Friday 1/29/2016 12:24:00 AM

the numbers spent her. in long conversations and brief ironies. flesh like a telescope. defying the distance between us.

she stumbled. in the loose soil emerging.

no reference. only the crest of the hill as anchor. and the view going down.

a tender wall. loose bricks. and the tremble of our winnowing commitment.

small confessions. drops of poison masquerading as medicine.

she spent the sickness like a treasure. rich with the ransom of the disease. she arranged the matchstiicks. as each flame expired.

Thursday 1/28/2016 11:49:00 PM

he didn't say, but i heard him just as well.

the subtle poisons. the stubborn physics. of loose science and eager skin.

she spent her distance like winnings. a disparate wager in a fading game of chess.

a blizzard of pawns. a summer of kings.

she closed her eyes. let the road find her. a feast of flesh. the slush of sober making everything weighted.

there would always be weather.  the repetitions of thieves. the soil of ink. the gloat of the pages. as we continue to encounter the limitations of language.

the vertical. the curious labor of carelessness and gravity. a simple chase. a complex quarry.

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