Monday 8/13/2018 10:48:00 PM

bend the arrow. twist the mountain. there is still perspective to be extracted from empty wells. a thick vein.  ripe of poison. high enough to understand how low it was. a heavy rope. frayed close to breaking. still ample to lift what little remains.

the future. the past. both salesmen. of expired loves. and earnest strangers.

we spun. pivoting on the needle. as time wove its stories. flesh stretched and folded. to accommodate the deepening abyss.

the turn eclipsed our path. miles unraveled. choices swallowed us. the distance within collapsed. and we found ourselves struggling to differentiate the beginning from the end.

turn the paper. crease the edge. at war with the choices that had created us.our shadows long against the summer sun. our fever peaking as we pushed forward in that vacant race.

the silence says enough. the words leave us heavier than we were. bones stumble over their skin. collecting moments in torn paper and empty choices.

the rain groans over the glass. desperate to drown us. the wind stabs at our walls. determined to deliver the cold .

Tuesday 8/07/2018 12:03:00 AM

the wound was silent. as the blood drew its maze. the infection redolent. as the disease placed its bets. too small to kill us. too big to let us live.

the path was clear as the shadows gave chase. the spoils of adrenalin erupting in my veins. the fireworks of contagion collecting empty bridges. too far to chase. too close to forget.

the usual gamble of skin. tenderly slitting throats. the soft chatter of want doling out its acceptable brand of treason.

the lock stood. hungry for a key. the storm approached. our naivete pulling us into the wind. small pricks of sunshine in the epiphany of our midnight. desperate thieves. wearing out their alibis.

the filament broke. the darkness eagerly took over. deep inside the fibers of the map. lost relased its flood. suddenly everyone was drowning. and blindness became an asset.

Sunday 7/29/2018 11:50:00 PM

all my grief spent. i borrowed some. the numbers tell their stories in our absence. little puzzles with pieces too small to see. the vapid arithmetic of biology and consent.

distant thunder. unseen lightning. the anonymous storm growling in the darkness. the price of flesh disrupted by the weight of panic.

we trade our lives on the fictions of perception. narrow rope bridges across stunningly deep chasms.

dog eared pages in the musty cellars of our desire.

the math is stale. the words are vacant. we stole the climax from embers and twigs.

each moment a thief. as time drew its map. And washed away all the debt we had mistaken for riches.

Thursday 7/26/2018 11:29:00 PM

near enough it seemed. though the edge still shimmered in the distance. weak enough the bridge. as we sunk unto each other. in fits of apathy and abundance.

i didn't know the names of the streets. i didn't keep track of my path. as the world unraveled in my progress. our choices. a series of knots. coming undone. our bodies. broken stairs. leading us down. below the surface.

it was summer, but it wasn't hot. as daylight lingered on the remains of our want. a waning twilight. ripe with disappointment. we couldn't give it a name. carve its silhouette into our skin.  it was too fleeting for such a permanent deception.

all the little lies expired. and we were left with only the big ones. and they were too heavy. we couldn't take them with us.

7/19/2018 12:12:00 AM

the pace beguiles. the slumber of humbled muscles swells in our heads. how far. how fast. the corners

i clutch the hours in my fist. amazed at how soft they are. i let the ink spill from my sweat. curious at the words it makes.

we somehow saw paradise in the hell that we made. the unfortunate paradox of falling in love with a stranger.

the distance spends us. the currency of flesh. more valuable than we had ever been taught. the map slithers through our veins. an ugly drug desperate to redeem us. a broken toy desperate to be played.

we tally the miles in the rush of endorphins. in the high of the chase. determined to feel that good again.

we name the poisons. convinced we can harness the power they have over us.

we say it's simple. face. lips. fingers tips. deceived by their delicate penetration. 

while their exit leaves us riddled with holes.
tripping. the inclines indifferent.

Sunday 7/15/2018 11:06:00 PM

talk to the grey. argue with the yellow. all the colors have their voices. all the moments have their architects. in the sober of when. in the high of maybe. we run our razors over tomorrow's skin and wait for the vein to open.

it's just a bridge. a way over the terminal abyss. it's just a path. a route from the beginning to the end. as if such markers can indicate where we are.

tell the rain it need not fall. gravity will gladly compensate. tell the sun it need not rise. one day is more than enough.

there is no epiphany in the caliber of our flesh. the light flickers. we awaken. to the tremors of our expectation. petals on the flower. succumbing to the wind. raindrops on the glass. selling the storm in discarded wishes.

like dominoes, the years tumble. inertia is all we have as the distance between us deepens.

we're just cardboard limbs and paper hearts.

when the rain decides to fall.

we're helpless. 

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