Sunday 10/06/2019 11:53:00 PM

we were arguing with gravity. bickering about velocity. how the want moves through us differently than it does on the skin. how we feel the rain inside our bones long before it touches us.

we were falling in love. selling empty boxes that were too heavy to lift.

it's the maps that betrayed us. places to visit. nowhere to stay.

all the miles that we trusted breaking down inside us. the needle empty. the vein collapsed. 

we were whispering to the horizon. bargaining with perspective. for any way to make it not feel so small.

it's the distance that romances. tickling all those soft spots. as it slowly unravels us.

we were flirting with the storm. catching the poison on our tongues like snowflakes. ignoring the blizzard.

it's the chemistry that solves when the numbers don't add up. all the peaks and valleys a currency of sorts.

we spend each other in ribbons and razors. because that is the wholesale on intimacy. we're richer with every cut.

Wednesday 10/02/2019 11:33:00 PM

it's the seldom drug that does the most damage.

it's soft. the way the void opens. feathers falling from wings. the summer licking its lips. it's sudden. the transition from now to then.

we don't live. we ripen. over time growing sweeter.

but inevitably. eventually we rot.

until only the core remains. full of seeds. and we have no place to plant them.

it's fragile. the needle that mends us. it's slender. the thread that connects. we're always strangers when we close our eyes.

we peel back the skin, but its empty underneath.

our lives dance and stab at the meat. but it's the flesh that we want.

we're falling rain on each others windows. close enough to touch. but always on the other side of the glass.

Monday 9/30/2019 10:35:00 PM

tell me how it was we lost each other. no tidal wave. no hurricane. just carelessness and sunburn..

tell me how alive i ever was. when i was born the moment we first touched. and died the instant we stopped.

all our lies. they try, but they're prey. they can't hunt. and the truth is always hungrier.

i don't count the days, though i imagine they still count us. musty picture books made from fresh hope and stale semen.

empty chambers in a gun that still points at us.

Friday 9/20/2019 11:15:00 PM

she remembers him. some small cut that never quite healed.

her sticks and stones hardly ample defense. as the scabs still tempt her to pick at them.

she remembers love. a recurring infection. a cancer in remission.

time doesn't negotiate. it makes demands.

she remembers him. a charming monster in grandma's bed.

it's not what happened. it's what didn't.

she remembers him. the edge she couldn't step over.

Thursday 9/19/2019 11:28:00 PM

let us run. on hungry feet that devour the pavement. let us bleed. from deep wounds. that purge the darkness within.

the summer whispers. the winter shouts. all the seasons in our minds. a tempest of choices.

the bridges tremble against the wind. the weather will not be convinced. its mercy is all we can ask.

the road opens. a seldom confidante. a naked lover.

the teeth of the zipper. the shadow of how.

we're small. or at least that's how we feel. as the clouds bloat with thunder and the storm breaks open.

the monsters in the storybooks and those under our beds. not quite real, but not easily ignored.

we're soft. or at least, that's how we feel. as the sky begins to stiffen. and the world clenches its fists.

it seems impossible.

that nothing has changed. yet everything is different.

9/12/2019 12:01:00 AM

softly the thoughts built inside us. carbon and light kicking and punching at the black holes embedded in our skin.

we were already dying. what was one more dose of poison.

time was eloquent. and sinister. the devil in a tuxedo made of glass.

the sparkle blinded us. the glamour confounded. we navigated on instinct and fear. feasting on the distance. only needles and lies for language.

our weakness was a comfort. fumbling at the day. with our broken pencils and burnt matchsticks.

hard candy left in the sun.

we don't break. we suffer.

the end doesn't arrive. it simmers.

time digs its tunnels. hollowing us out until the void is all that's left.

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