Saturday 6/25/2016 02:29:00 AM

the distance accused her. a famine of when. as the timeline corrupts. the hours hunt. curious predators in a fury of impotence. crippled gods wearing the world in shreds.

pencil marks chase the edge. draw the colors against the grey. curious monsters assemble their machines. the empty autonomy of wasted lovers and paper dictators. as they negotiate the rain.

callouses form on the past. the timeline shrugs. what we were, we can never be again.

earnest predators wear the distance as loud as they can. broken bridges argue with the wind. the world in needles. the hours in thread.

the borrowed wealth of youth is spent. and we are beggars once more.

as tight as we tie the knots, still, they always comes undone.

Wednesday 6/15/2016 11:53:00 PM

withered edges tease the center. a spiral of contingencies play their variables in rain and piss. the moment blisters. tender with contrition. already spent by wind and sweat.

the road opens wide to swallow us. famished by distance. our journey chokes on the chalk of the wind.

captured by the horizon. divided by miles. separated by inches. alone all the while.

there is no destination. only stops along the way to where we are going.

the end suffers no names.

the grey cuts. tender lips in the darkness weep a murder of thieves. and hungry monsters reveling in their cages made of arrogance and flesh.

the voices are spent. punctures in the absence. gouges in the math. the addition of skin. the division of want. the curve takes us. impotent lions roaring at the wind. the impossible sober of defeat. the war is waged. all that's left is surrender.

the road swallows. the map spits. different paths. all go nowhere. just as they always have.

Sunday 6/05/2016 03:15:00 AM

seldom bridges capture the lingering depths. between the fluctuating conundrums of time and conscience. the elegant weight of apathy spends our bodies in nickels and dimes. the dissonant pull of  gravity sells our own panic back to us. distance's most exquisite of crimes.

no broken ladders left to spoil our descent. no open windows to sneak us in. only the cold resolve of withering horizons. as the road consumes our remains.

find the edge. found by it. above the truth. below the lies.

occasional kingdoms arise from the soil. empty feasts press the void.

the war rages outside and within. Selling sunshine and thunderstorms to rotting skeletons.  while bone and skin slouch toward their fragile edge.

Saturday 5/28/2016 02:22:00 AM

the end echoes. nervous fingers wear their resolve in zeroes and ones. the binary chokes on the numbers. spending us in an array of panic and discord.

walking on numb feet. dancing on missing limbs. lost in a profound inertia.

time forks. and we are taken by both paths. divided. impotent ogres in a devastating fairy tale. a collision of catalysts drowning in the science of now.

let it wait. wrinkles in the storm. voices in the panic. let it find. the open sores.

the crisis of when. the vanity of how. fragile kingdoms flaunt their impotent czars.

the slope beckons. ripe with gravity's rapacious drag. the zipper opens. the skeleton is exposed.

the angle is corrupted. the velocity is disturbed. the minor epiphanies of lovers and wolves.

Thursday 5/19/2016 11:33:00 PM

the words breathe. the paper creases.

the weather flaunts its whispering fangs. a catastrophe of skin. sour with irrevocable choices. the simmering conflicts of threshold and conviction. a pantomime of dead things.

she spent the road. a currency of solitude and indifference. she collected her wealth. in isolation and apathy. negotiating with the wind. as the storms came and went.

dancing to the hum of the soldiers. as the war insisted. coloring in the silhouettes as the future slouched toward its inevitable end.

the curious discipiles of schrodginer selling their stories to the highest bidder.

the posion in the box remaining a vague reminder. of the dwindling distance between chaos and consent.

an hyssterical repetition in the futility of flesh.

Monday 5/16/2016 02:05:00 AM

it starts without warning. parameters of skin fluctuate. a consensual isotope. a vague bit of rain in a long pattern of thunderstorms. we are stranded. drawn like lazy needles from the monster's trembling arm. a fever of pathos working its sickness on simple gods.

he was missing. as he tended to be. a parable of indeterminate morality. he shot the tortoise and skinned the hare. trying desperately not to want to win.

old came and went. abandoned rest stops on an unkempt highway. the map made its own plans. places took him. like weak medicine. a paradox of sickness. as much cure as it is infection.

she wandered. as lost always suited her. she found everything. except herself. hopelessly tethered to the sun.

it's a pattern. the scope of how. the brittle of when. dispensing flesh in doses. collecting miles like medicine.

the practical apocalypse. in the smallest conditions.

she finds the end of the world. it's not far at all.

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