Monday 11/16/2020 11:23:00 PM

 sometimes we die and no one notices. the pendulum of flesh refusing to wait for us. 

the empty rooms we think of as home. fallen ashes from forgotten fires. the crumbling staircases we climb. to reach each other. small lies in an abyss of hope. 

the moment stalls. eviscerated on the fangs of forever. 

we're counting out loud. pretending to know. how close we are. to finding each other. 

we're assembling our truths from pieces of tomorrow. unconvinced by yesterday's lies.

trust's zipper snags on what remains of our happiness. the puzzle pieces scatter. 

we try to remember. but it all melts like paper in the rain. 

11/09/2020 11:32:00 PM

 the world trembled. all rusty forks and broken spoons. a bottomless hunger too vast to ever be fed. 

the darkness simmered. a tea kettle on a low flame. always lingering on the edge of eruption. but never achieving  release. 

we allow the road to take us. to show us places we've never been. getting lost is the only way to be found. 

color and wind. silence and panic. all the unlocked doors that swallow our grief. 

time weaves its way throughout our skin. putting its various knots in our veins. we are the sum of every moment we've experienced. 

new hands try to shape us, but our clay hardened long ago. 

the maps stayed folded. the windows barely open. still we see the rain getting closer. we feel the storm strengthening. 

Wednesday 11/04/2020 11:40:00 PM

 a shallow silence pulled on her zippers.a deep abyss wove its needle into her wounds. everything was open. too small to grieve. too persistent to dismiss.

how young we were when first we were broken. how tender the skin as we moved to heal. 

life comes in doses. a bitter medicine. happiness melts like ice cream. sticky, sweet and cold. and never enough of it. 

we're scholars of gravity. cutting our wings on the strongest winds. 

the past lingers. in illegible notes and empty cups. the miles surrender, but we still run. the inevitable epiphany of flesh. that some races cannot be won. 

time unties its knots. and we're dead again. 

Sunday 11/01/2020 11:34:00 PM

 she said it's color more than light. the way we see ourselves. each other. it's shadows and corners. angles mired in perspective. as our choices unravel. 

she chafed against the friction of time. the loud music of when. the stilted rhythm of how.and all the missing lyrics we had accumulated during the hysteria of living. 

she said the words were gone. lost to broken blood vessels and quivering limbs. 

we frantically tried to climb ladders without rungs. we hurried to put our stitches into seams long gone. 

she said, the crayons had lost all their color. i knew they were gone for good. 

she said, flesh has its own set of rules. it's only borrowed. it's a debt that will always be collected. 

Tuesday 10/27/2020 11:28:00 PM

 the yellow fog of want spilled in. all sweet pickles and sour candy amongst a feast of curdled flesh. spent by time and still eager to gamble the minutes we had left. 

the stuttering horizon. the shriek of gravity. as we brave that cliff. we're falling. always falling. desperate for that collision. 

the maps in our head all torn. the places we've been abandoned. 

the clothes we wear too big. the masks we try on don't fit. we draw our voices in chalk. but the rain is always erasing them. 

the quiet overcomes us. the distance tends to drown us. we float. we swim. but this ocean is vast. and rescue rarely comes. 

Monday 10/19/2020 11:10:00 PM

the end lingers. cruelly gnawing on our remains. 

the honey hardens. the meat spoils. the plants decay. our muscles turn to lead. our skin becomes paper. 

death is in no hurry. and life maintains a ferocious grip. 

in the sun the green grass turns brown. in the cold the flowers die out. 

our paths wind and intersect randomly.. snakes and rats fumbling toward the maze's end. 

animals drowning in our own emotional  math. 

life is a slender bridge above a canyon of immeasurable depths. 

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