Tuesday 5/23/2006 12:30:00 AM

The brown on the wound. Thick patches sewn tightly.

Alarms not ready to wake me. Bashful second hands skate the perimeter.

As life hangs. Wet sheets pinned to the breeze. The smell of cleansing so abundant.

That we were ever that white. That we could ever be so again.

Or would want.

To say the clothes will not allow. As vehemently as to go naked instead. Feeling the bones in my ankle as the muscles frown. Tired of lifting those toes.

It's not a store though it resembles one. We buy everything. So why not this?

It's not an entry, but still it's guarded.

We'd be foolish otherwise.

As they borrow these words. Capes not flown. Anti-heros. All of us. In the reason and the why. In everything we confess to ourselves.

The denim in their smiles as they take off their clothes. So dense. The stretch in their skin as they fit themselves into a smaller size.

I must count the raindrops. So I will know.

How heavy this bucket is.

Where those holes go.

If I can still carry it.


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