Monday 2/06/2006 12:19:00 AM

It was so easy to see, but I never could. Pale footprints on an empty stage. Pacing with dialogues that should've been ours.

I clutch the pain. Like a child's hand holds the string on a balloon. Holding it near to my chest as it vainly attempts to float away. It could fly. It could. If I only had the strength to let it.

I'm not what I have. But what I remember I used to. When time was lenient. And tomorrow so cavalier.

Washed in lives too true. It always hurts. But nothing more than knowing you've left them behind. Supposing that's what they wanted.

Primping demons in mirrors cracked. They ask, but won't wait for an answer. They tell you it's gone, though you know you never had. They turn every friend into a scarecrow.

Until you're afraid of everyone.

And then one night you drink so much. That you know.

Every shadow is yours.

Not anything you can change.

Gone is my last alibi.

And I contemplate what I'll blame next.


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